NaNo Day #12: Halfway done and Second Wind is kicking in.

12 11 2015

HOLY CRAP THE WIND! Our power was out this morning, due mostly to the 50 mph winds we were having. A couple of branches came down, but nothing hit the house, thank the gods.

Writing today was a little muzzy, slow to start and a little sluggish to advance. I’m trying to advance plot by showing rather than telling. Things got a bit bloody, and the myth arc is finally starting to gel. I’ve kept y antagonist off screen too much, I think. He can’t be much of a threat if he’s not visibly doing threatening things. Makes for a cry wolf scenario unless I deliver the goods.
So, in the next few chapters, I’ll be getting the main group of characters into some scary scenarios and realizing they’re in a bit over their heads.

It’s the halfway point in the story, so I’m really wanting the the direction that seems evident to be less so. I need to have some surprises about characters who are established, but not anything that would seem diametrically opposed to their nature or motivations. Lots of calculation, and machinations need to be made. Justification has to be there for any sudden shifts in alliances or emotions.

This is where the writing gets interesting. And where you start seeing if the plot you’ve been building can withstand some stress or storms. Or will it collapse under the weight of your intentions?

Total for today: 1844 words. Kinda less than I hoped, but I’m about to make a hairpin turn and I need to build up the right kind of speed and the right combination of moves to get me safely around the bend.

Whats my total, Magical Wordcount Widget?

Halfway there! And still ahead of the curve!

See you all tomorrow!




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