NaNo Day #11: Voices in my head are getting a bit shouty

11 11 2015

Weather is WINDY. Like Looking-For-Witches-on-Bicycles kind of Windy. WOW.

Skipped a blog post yesterday because I wrote right up until my brain was reduced to just shouting “GO.TO.SLEEP.” at me. So I did.

Got in 2007 words yesterday and 1880 today. Just getting bogged down in the middle, but that’s normal for me.

I’m juggling a lot of characters, mostly because I’m working the the 4 main and 3 secondary characters from the previous 2 novels in this series and the new characters plus new villain for the new book. So…lots of voices and story lines vying for supremacy. It’s a balancing act and it’s important to remember what is the MAIN story line and what are the supporting story lines/ story lines I’m tying up.

A few characters are not long for this world. Some of the newer characters might be around for their own spinoffs. I have a lot of plans for this world of mine.

I joke about my Muse Enclave, which is where my characters live when I’m not writing them. They also have a pub that they disappear to when I’m needing their voices and they’ve decided to go bugger off and drink instead.

It’s a helpful way to herd my thoughts.

This novel is gonna need a lot of rewriting. Mostly because right now, there’s a lot of people sitting in rooms and talking. My first book had a lot of running. Second, a lot of battles and fighting. This one…so far just a lot of Captain Exposition waxing poetic. Which is fine for a first draft. The story’s getting told, but not much of it is getting “acted”. But at least I have a plot. That’s going somewhere. I have an idea of the ending. So I have a destination. Now I just need to keep the passengers in the car and make sure no one drunk gets a hold of the wheel.

Think I need to sit down tomorrow and re-work my outline. The original one is in a bit of shambles, which may explain my wandering prose. Good plan.

So as mentioned, I got 1880 words today. Which brings me to what, wordcount widget?

Just about at the halfway mark. Might be able to break through 25K tomorrow. Here’s hoping.



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