NaNo Day #9: Stats update and not much else

9 11 2015

Weather took us by surprise with morning temps in the 20s. Brr!

Today was a late night crunch night, which means I’m tired as hell and brain fried.

Spent some time at the studio doing project work.Spent some time in the yard raking up some leaves and getting the place tidied up. By the time I got butt in chair, the words were just not coming the way they have been.

Sometimes you just have to hack at it until something gels. And sometimes all you get is filler.

And that’s okay. That’s what editing is for. And that’s what post-NaNo is for. Trimming the fat, filtering out the crap, sculpting the raw materials into something better.

So today was a sad word count of barely 1698 words. Had to pull teeth to get that. Still. Any day with WordCount is a Victory.

Total count is still well past the curve.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I’ll be better prepared to battle the wordbeast!




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