NaNo Day #6: Advice is great…right up until it’s not

6 11 2015

Cold temps finally starting to arrive. Temps plummeted through the day. Loving it!

Starting to hit that pace and rhythm where the story starts humming along. It’s a double edged sword. Sometimes it leads to a series of epiphanies and great plot development. Sometimes, however, it’s humming along because you’re retreading old ground. I found myself writing a scene almost on auto pilot today, and as a result, wrote a scene that nearly mimics a scene I wrote in a previous novel, just with different characters.

I was being lazy. I was typing, not writing. And that distinction is important. Granted, editing will come later and the scene will get rewritten or sculpted into another form. It’s not a great place to be , for me at least. It means I’m steering the story into a potentially inescapable corner. Hopefully it’s just filler, and not something that’s pulled me too far off track. I need to take a little breather and reassess where I want to go with this story. See if the path reveals itself from the weeds and bracken. Sometimes it feels like that scene in the Hobbit movie (I believe in DOS) where they are lost in the forest with the spiders, and they’ve lost track of the path, which is near, but not apparent because of all the dark magical distractions being lobbed at them.

Bilbo! Where did the Plot go?

Anyway. Usually when I hit a wall I go read some advice posts from writers I admire.
Neil Gaiman has a lot of great bits to get you out of the ditch:
8 Rules of Writing
Or Here’s a bunch of other writers:
20 Writers on Overcoming Writers’ Block
Oh Hey, Stephen King, what do you have to say?
20 Rules for Writers

All of this advice is great, but sometimes you just get caught up in trying to find the magic bullet, the perfect recipe–that one missing ingredient that will make writing a BREEZE!  (Spoilers! IT DOES NOT EXIST.)

Then there’s this magical bit of advice from Chuck Wendig (Who I read both for tough love and hilarity. Also his novels are AWESOME.)  NSFW language warnings, as expected.
Writing Advice is Bullshit

Truth is there’s only one way to get through a writing obstacle,and that’s sit your butt down and write. It sounds so annoyingly simple, like that old favorite “Eat less and Move More” to lose weight. We sometimes get  little precious when someone tells us to get over ourselves and get back to work.But the truth is–

Which is what I’m gonna do.

Today’s wordcount was better, partly due to no cat trouncing on my keyboard. 2119 words for the day.
What’s my total, glittery wordcount wizard?

Nice! See you all tomorrow.



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