NaNo Day# 5 : Pet Shenanigans and Best Laid Plans.

5 11 2015

Well, THAT happened.

Firstly, may I remind all writers — SAVE OFTEN. AND HAVE BACKUPS!

I ran into that common dilemma that a lot of us with pets have: the cat who is bound and determined to get your attention. Fern, my darling tabby cat, loves to get up on our dining room table, where I am currently writing,and she enjoys a stroll across my laptop, just to remind me that she’s there and wants my undivided attention. Usually this just results in a few lines of gibberish–or maybe cryptic Cat Cipher code!– which I invariably erase and continue writing, after perfunctory scritches are applied.


The Feline of Impending Destruction

Today, however, my nimble little feline managed to step on the power button and go into stretch mode….which shut my laptop down. IN THE MIDDLE OF A SCENE.

I thought I had done at least one save.

Best laid plans and all that.

Rebooted the machine after my scary swearing had chased off the wee pusheen.

And relaunched Scrivener…to find that I’d lost the entire bit of writing I’d done today. 800+ words. It wasn’t horrifying, but that hurt my momentum a bit. I managed to stamp down the urge to retaliate against the laptop. I kicked my disappointment to the curb, sucked it up and started rewriting the scene while it was still fresh in my mind. Came up with some better phrasing in places. I know I lost a few things as well. But shit happens. You can either throw in the towel and walk away, or grit your teeth and try and rebuild the structure that the wind just batted over.

Even in light of this setback, I made enough words to break 10K and kept my wordcount ahead of the curve. (Took a break to watch Sleepy Hollow, because HELLO! Tom Mison makes all things better. 🙂 )

So–today’s adjusted wordcount – 1025 words.

And here’s the total so far:




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