NaNo Day #4 : Soundtracks! Every good story needs a soundtrack!

4 11 2015

Another 73º day today. Beginning to think I might need to throw the bones or consult the Norn about what’s going on. This weather is just downright unsettling.

So. Day 4. Everyone is going full steam along. Or maybe you’ve hit the first wall. You’ve abandoned your skeletal outline because the unexpected character did the unexpected thing and the story veered left instead of right and now the WHOLE DAMN THING IS CHAOS! CHAOS I TELL YOU!

Um.. or maybe that’s just me. I usually hit a bit of rough terrain after the initial few chapters, because my brain decides to throw a spanner in the works and suddenly I’m rejiggering the brilliant plan I had to fit in the even more brilliant plot twist.

Sometimes when I hit these snafus, I start building a few soundtracks to keep a theme of sorts. Music is kind of the glue that holds my writing together. The genre of music, the rhythms and the moods, all can calm the waters and keep the ship righted and following the right stars. Fight scenes need a certain tone, romantic scenes…well that depends on the TYPE of romantic scene, if ya know what I mean. Character building can be helped by specific songs as well. Theme songs if you will.
Mind you, I have just as many writer friends who insist that they cannot write to music with vocals because it’s too distracting, so your mileage may vary. Some insist that silence is the way to go (Not for me–silence just amplifies the ambient noise and with cats,…there’s a lot of “What are you two DOING!” that goes on.)
iTunes and Spotify are fabulous for building playlists. Maybe soundtracks are your thing. Or ambient sounds.

Whatever works for you, take a few moments out to think about it. Because if building a soundtrack helps build some personality traits for a problematic character, or adds some dimension or atmosphere to a location you can’t quite visualize, it’s as good a tool as any to combat the dreaded writer’s block or dry well of ideas.

So here’s today’s wordcount. Today I did 2113 words.




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