NaNo Day 3: Real Life Intrudes in the Writer’s Cave.

3 11 2015

The weather is so weird right now. November 3rd in Coastal Michigan should not be shorts weather. But there it is. 71º. WEIRD.

Work was a distraction today. No need to parse the details but things happened that were not of the good, and I made a couple of rookie mistakes that thankfully, were easily rectified. Real life has a way of being a distraction, in varying degrees. Sometimes you can use the writer’s cave to escape the the drudgery and shenanigans. Sometimes it’s not so easy.. Sometimes the daily problems come with the Fraud Police, and insistent internal editors and sometimes even, heaven for-fend, the dreaded brick wall of “WHY AM I DOING THIS WHEN I HAVE ALL THESE OTHER THINGS TO DO?”

Yes I know. #FirstWorldWriterProblems

Still. The best remedy for a bad day at work or a rotten day at school or a particularly awful day that ends in “Y” is to hunker down and play with your imaginary friends. Even when your brain is fuzzed up with mulling and woolgathering, nothing clears it up faster than resolving a batch of UST for your romantic leads, or erupting in that long simmering slapfest that has been brewing for 5 chapters. Solutions for tricky plot acrobatics sometimes comes out of mentally struggling with real life situations. Both can be ludicrous sometimes, and sometimes you can resolve both with a very mundane easy solution. Sometimes it requires something more labyrinthine, that just falls into place after battering your head against the corporate wall for too long. And sometimes, it’s just nice to have a bit of the old ultra-violence to cleanse your mental palate.

No matter what you manage to wring out of the real life shenanigans, use it. It’s amazing how much writing is just therapy in a different lab coat. Oh and lock the door on the Fraud Police, because they never have anything helpful to say. Ever.

Today’s Total:

Ahead of the curve, and planning to stay there.




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