NaNo Day 2: The Struggle is Real

2 11 2015

Plot Bunny
See that  ^^^. That’s my nemesis. Right there. You’d think that having too many ideas might be a good thing. Not always true. Especially when they appear like toddlers, whining for attention, shaking sticky fists at you and distracting you from the task at hand. Sigh.

I try my best to jot the notes down as they come. Sometimes they come in handy. Sometimes they come with Captain Exposition in hand so they will require cutting and tuckpointing later.

Either way, too many ideas is sometimes just TOO MANY IDEAS.

Today’s wordcount, for those following at home:

definitely ahead of the curve and hope to keep it that way. The story is coming along, with some slight variations from my initial outline and plot summary. But them’s the breaks. Hoping the twists and turns are for the better. We’ll see.




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