Back into the Writing Caves.

1 11 2015

For whatever insane reason, I decided to NaNoWriMo this year. In addition to my new part time job, studio work needing to be done and house stuffs.

Masochism, my old friend, how have you been? Sigh.

Anyway. Here’s ye olde wordcount widget. Not getting off to a bad start.

Working on Book 3 of the Sepentigena Trilogy. Book 2 isn’t quite done, but I figured I could us NaNo to at least get the bones of the story together.

Writing time has been at a premium lately, though that’s my fault alone. Classic case of needing to re-prioritize the pie pieces. Halloween was nice, and we got a lot more trick or treaters than I anticipated, considering the weather was rainy and cold. Was nice to see all the costumed kiddies though.

Bri and I had our 10th Anniversary on Friday, so we took the day off and just hung out, then went out for a wonderful dinner at The Grand Mere Inn. We had fantastic food and got to see the sunset over the lake. Nice.  (We’ve been married 10 years, but known each other 20 years. Still stupid in love with each other.)

The house is coming along. We’re slowly doing maintenance as we can afford it. Other than that, we’re trying to get our art made, work our jobs, and get our butts to the gym. Takes up a lot of our time. Starting to realize that this is the new normal. Being active all the time. Not complaining, but adjusting. 😀

Better than being bored I imagine!

Heading back into the writing caves after dinner. Starting to get a good handle on where this story is heading and I want to get some things down and outlined before I lose them to the story abyss.

More tomorrow!




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