:Blowing the Dust off this Thing::

13 06 2012

Weather: Sunny & 70s. Been a roller coaster since March. Cold then hot. Climate Change, WOO HOO.

Yes, it’s been an elephant’s age since I updated. Lots has happened, but nothing really noteworthy.

On the writing front, I’m finished with my novella of erotica. It’s been edited, revised and now is ready to be unleashed….um UPLOADED. Now comes my first foray into the self-publishing realm full stop. Currently I’m trying to wrap my head around e-formatting. Then I need to decide on a venue to publish it. Was going to use Scribd, but they have capped their sellers for now. No joy there. So now it’s between the usual suspects: Createspace, LuLu and Lightning Source. Will be tapping my friends to get a consensus on the good, bad and ugly about all of these.

Book#1 is almost done. Sigh. Rewrites have proven painful. Last 1/3 of the book required some BIG changes, which as we all know, leads to a domino effect of retroactive changes through the book. There are days it flows, and days filled with gnashing of teeth and thoughts of burning my laptop in effigy. Double le sigh. Still, I need to worry less about arbitrary deadlines and get the best writing done instead.

On the mosaic side, I finished 2 commissions and 4 other pieces. Need to step up my output. I seem to be caught in a tug of war between my two pursuits, and neither is being adequately served. More’s the pity. Interesting development in that I have discovered I prefer working mixed media (Part stained glass, Part tile.) It  gives me a little more flexibility in design. Besides, the husbeast has a metric ton of glass and is quite willing to share. Always a good thing when a couple can share their passions. 🙂

The house is getting some major work done on it: New roof, new gutters and all the windows replaced. Paying for it will be a challenge, but not impossible. Now we need to get the cosmetic stuff done: paint the siding, patch & paint the inside, etc etc.  Bri and I figure we can safely put the house on the market very soon. New horizons and people and opportunities beckon from afar (Well, the Pacific Northwest, to be precise 😉 ) and it’s far past time for us to be on our way.

I’ve had some difficulties the past few months, trying to find my way with this new paradigm. It’s not easy. It’s simple on paper and in theory, but life is neither predictable or plays nice when you make plans. Rolling with the punches seems to be more the name of the game than disciplined planning. Still, things are starting to happen, and to work. My preconceived notions of what I’d do or think or BECOME have altered radically.

For one, I’m finding that I can’t split my time 50/50 between my two pursuits. The muses are not that practical. Projects will take the time they take, and I can’t flog myself if I’m spending more time on one rather than the other. It all has a way of working out. Inspiration will not be ordered about. Sometimes the writing is working, sometime the art needs all the attention. Roll with the punches, as I said.

Online interaction has been sporadic, but I’m getting better at determining when I’m not doing anything productive and stepping away from the computer. My health kinda faltered a bit, what with losing my 2 mile a day hike to the office. So, I’ve built in a workout schedule that has finally started to click.

Nothing comes easy in the freelance life, and maybe it shouldn’t. If it were easy, everyone would succeed and no one would quit. Challenge makes it worthwhile. It’s just trying to find a way to make the challenges motivating and not intimidating that is difficult, at least for me.

I would be remiss in not mentioning that one of the things that’s been helping me not toss the towel in on my writing has been reading Chuck Wendig’s blog on a fairly regular basis. He gives unvarnished advice to writers of all stripes. Colorful language abounds, she says with vast understatement. But the advice is sound. You don’t necessarily have to agree with him, but he’ll make you take a closer look at your work and make it better nonetheless.  Read his awesome blog here: Terrible Minds

Also, a reminder that my husband and I both are producing art for sale at our website, Einini Glassworks. It’s in need of an update as well, and we have more items that will be up for sale hopefully by this weekend. You can also like our Facebook Page,  or follow our Twitter feeds  (Einini Glassworks & Einini Mosaics).  I’ll have my Self-Publishing Facebook page up shortly. Need to get the novella ready for pubbing first.

Again, nothing earth shattering in the news area, but steady has been sufficient to keep me busy. Hopefully, I can stay at least consistent in that.