Update from the Fringes.

27 03 2012

Weather: Don’t get me started. How schizophrenic has it been? 10 days of 80 degree temps in MARCH? And now we’re back down to the 40-50 degree level. Climate change is a myth, huh Sparky? ::slaps idiots::

So– heading into my third week of full time pen monkey/mosaic artist immersion and I’m STILL trying to work out a doable daily schedule.

I find that I’m most productive in the morning…which came as a complete shock to this inveterate night owl. Of course, I’d still be a night owl if I wasn’t having to get up at 5 OMG O’Clock to get the husbeast off to work. ::Tries to figure out how to win lottery so husbeast can go full time artist as well::

Nonetheless, I’ve managed to find a somewhat reasonable balance of Writing:Art:Domestic Responsibilities. Granted, I wish I was spending more time on the first two, but it’s getting sorted on a day to day basis. The hardest thing? Limiting my distractions. I wish I could say that I was better at resisting the urge to marathon one of my DVD sets (Too easy to call it “research” — WHO AM I KIDDING?) or get swept up in the all too easy sway of “refresh–read-refresh”, because that bloody need to NOT MISS ANYTHING is just a shimmy to the left of crack addiction. Less expensive but just as wasteful.

So, Learning Curve for functioning outside the routine of a 9-5 Day Job is taking longer than I hoped. BUT! I will succeed.

I’m currently finishing off the last rewrites on my first novel. I have a short story awaiting publication. And on the mosaic front, I’m doing my first commission piece, a mixed media piece that combines stained glass & tiles. It’s coming along better than I hoped. We’ll see if the finished product lives up to my ridiculous standards. (Nothing has yet, just so you know!)

On the “Hey, here’s a link you should be reading” front, I’ve become particularly fond of Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds blog. He posts some very helpful lists for writers, most often with some hilariously rude metaphors & descriptions. It’s a no bullshit zone for advice. Also, his books are amazing. Seriously–go check him out.

Kickstarter is eating up what funds I can provide lately. I can’t help it. In this new atmosphere of crowd funding, there is some fantastic art , books & music being created and if you get on board, the incentives have been amazing!  I’m hoping in the future to find a way to use kickstarter to fund some bigger projects I’ve been thinking about, but I need to consider the incentives to offer. Plenty of time for that.

On top of all the projects & day to day things I have going, there’s that little “Sell our house & move to Seattle” thing that is staring at me like a panther about to pounce. SO MUCH TO DO! What in all the gods names was I thinking to do this many life changing things at once? Oy.

Well, enough blathering. I have a ton to do on my checklist for today. Time to start chiseling that bitch down to size.

Mantra for today: Butt in chair, focus on the work, finish your goal for the day.

Remember to check out Einini Glassworks. There will be more items posted soon. Including some of my mosaic work!


Heidi 2.0

4 03 2012

So…Friday I took a big step into a new life.

I quit my day job.

I’ll be working full time on writing & mosaic art.

This is part of a bigger plan. Because, yes: There IS a plan.

Brian and I sat down and worked out the numbers. (He’s still working). I’m lucky enough to have a partner who not only is willing to support me financially, but also support my path and my passions.

I’ve already set up a schedule for myself through the week, which I imagine will morph organically as I find my rhythm of work. I hope to do my writing in the morning, with a minimum wordcount for each day, and relegate my afternoons to working on mosaic art. Weekends will be for getting projects photographed and up on Etsy, and for marketing/designing new things.

This first week will be bumpy as I get used to my new routine and getting my discipline in place.

It’s a big step for me. For the first time in my life, any income or lack there of is solely on my shoulders. If I don’t get the work done, there’ll be no product to market & sell. I have eliminated the biggest excuse for not working on writing or art, not that it should have been an excuse in the first place.

Added on top of all this new self-discipline and work routine, both the husbeast & I will be both tightening our belts, finance-wise, and also doubling down on our efforts to get the house sold & our sorry butts out to Seattle.

On paper, this all looks so efficient. Alas, this is not doing spreadsheets and fixing equipment.Writing and art are a bit more nebulous and although discipline helps you to put your nose to the grindstone, the tools and raw materials we’re working with are not exactly measurable or readily available. But therein lies the rub. It’s a risk, to do this creative act. Doubly so to risk your livelihood on it’s back. Payment is at the whims of your audience, not just the hours put in.

So, I’ve taken the leap. I’m hoping for a soft landing. I know it’s gonna be a bumpy ride….

And I cannot wait to get started.