So, 2012? You gonna play nice, or do I gotta put my Docs on?

1 01 2012

Weather: WINDY OMG SO WINDY! Temps in the low 30s, nary a snowflake in sight.

So the New Year is here, and as per tradition, we’re supposed to make our Resolutions for the year. Meh.

I made the decision this year to eschew that tradition, and instead make plans. Plans have a bit more concrete around the ankles and tend to require a little more commitment. Okay so maybe I’m just being prickly about things, but resolutions seem to have failed me for many years and plans seem to work out, so there you go.

So my plans for 2012 are thus:

  1. Finishing Book#1 & getting it published. : Deadline: End of February
  2. Write Book#2 & outline Book#3 : Deadline: August
  3. Get in shape. Like a healthy weight, better blood pressure, etc. And get my flexibility back.
    GOAL: 50 lbs by New Year’s 2013 ;
    ALSO: All doctor appointments made by end of February
  4.  Mosaics: First series of tiles done by end of February.
    Second Series done by end of March
  5. Moving. Bri and I agreed to move before end of summer this year. It’s in concrete now. Seattle here we come.
  6.  Simplifying: Started last night. Purging anything that isn’t necessary. Paring back spending to necessities & business related expenses.  Bills paid off. Savings built up.
  7. Here’s the vague one. I may be changing my employment situation in the near future. This decision will be made in March. Based on several variables that will be monitored over the next couple months.
  8. Online presence:  New website, new FB and more consistent with my online posting. More focused, better content.
  9. Time Management: More work on art & writing. Less time suckage by TV, interwebs and general woolgathering. Create better scheduling of my time. I work better with a calendar & deadlines. Nebulous plans don’t get results. Concrete plans do.
  10. In general, going to adopt a better attitude towards all things. Being negative and cynical has resulted in precisely zero accomplishment. Yes, the world as a whole is kind of a mess right now. Being depressed and angry about it doesn’t change it. So, I’m going to support causes that are trying to DO something. I’m going to vote for candidates that are trying to DO something and I’m going to do my best to promote things that will offer solutions & make at least an effort to be positive. Kicking the Drama Llama to the curb, so to speak. No more whining, more action.

So there they are, my plans for the year.

I’m going to be turning 45 in a little over a week. That realization has sort of crystallized a few things in my mind. That my time to make significant changes in my life is getting shorter. That reshaping my body and getting healthy are going to take more time and more diligence than I initially thought.  That a lot of things I thought were necessary for my comfort and happiness are no longer that important.  I’m finding a weird zen peace in having less things and more space. More time for art and less full schedules. I like being busy, I enjoy hard work. I’d just rather be exerting effort on things I find worthwhile. I’ve worked in jobs for years now where I spend 8 hours a day being insanely busy…producing NOTHING. Literally I have nothing to show for the effort or stress or time invested. I may never make the money I do now doing what I want to do, but at least I’ll have concrete results to show for my efforts.

On last thing I’m going to quit this year is punishing myself for mistakes or not meeting a goal. As we all know, the best laid plans can get derailed by life events out of your control. The important thing to do is not dwell on the failure, but course correct and get back on track as quick as you can. Bumps in the road should be expected, even if we can’t anticipate them. Also, stop waiting to do things until X event happens. I lose so much time putting things on hold until after some future event. Time is a very finite quantity. Every minute you waste waiting for other things to happen, you lose. Forever. You don’t get that time back later. So, work on things even if you don’t have time to finish them right now. Chisel away at projects in increments. Cherish the times you have big blocks of time to work, but don’t waste the smaller increments inbetween.

Ultimately, this year will be better, because I won’t allow it to be anything else. It’s gonna require some serious focus, effort and meticulous decisions to be made, but I’m willing to put in the time. Here’s to a 2012 that will be exciting, productive and ultimately, satisfying. 🙂




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