Winding down the year

26 12 2011

It’s been far too long since I posted.

Lots has been happening. First off, I’m officially a small business owner! I filed a DBA for Corvusangelicus Press, which will be used to self publish some of my stories. I’ll still be pursuing trad publishing for some of my books, but this way I can get some other pieces out there that might be too hard to trad publish.

Also, I started creating glass tile mosaics. These were gifts for my family.

I’ll be splitting my time between writing and creating art. I’m going to sell some of these pieces at (Einini Glassworks) where my husband sells his stained glass art & Tiffany reproduction lamps. Ultimately, these two businesses will become my full time work. Not just yet though. 😉

On a less pleasant note, our home got burglarized a couple days before Christmas. Someone booted in our back door and ransacked our house looking for cash and jewelry. They must have been on foot because they left behind all our tech gear and a number of items most thieves would have grabbed. We’ve been very on edge until we were able to replace the back door with something more secure, including an alarm system.

Partly I blame the weather we’ve been having. It’s been far too warm around here for this season. It’s not gotten out of the upper 30s – low 40s since Thanksgiving and we’ve seen precious little snow, which didn’t stick around at all. Sigh. Sad to be wishing for horrible weather to feel safer.

On a positive note, I made some feral cat shelters for the small feral cat colony that hangs out in our neighborhood. I put out a little food for them daily and some water. They mostly seem skittish, although a couple seem like they might be adoptable.  We may take those two into the humane society once the weather starts getting colder. They seem very healthy, so far.

Personally, this has been a roller coaster year. Brian and I have lost some relatives. We’ve both made some major strides to establish our business, but we’re still stuck here in Indiana. Our health was getting better until we both hit a major skid in October. Up and down, two steps forward, one step back. Kinda tired of the dance.

I’m gonna be an aunt come the end of February and that has just added another kick in the ass of Bri & I wanting to start a family.

But, as the turn of the year arrives on the horizon, I’m striving to begin the new year with a more even handed mindset. Take things as they come. Making more leaps of faith. Not letting anyone else dictate my limits or deciding for me what is possible or what is the best path. I need to make my own mistakes, and my own decisions. Brian and I have so much we want to do, and most of it requires us to not be in our current location to work. So…major changes & decisions in the new year. All for the better, one way or another.

Hopefully I’ll be able to blog more, and have more to blog about, come the new year. Time for the Renaissance Chick to put her big girl panties on and get to work.




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26 12 2011

Hooray for the big strides. Just remember that strides mean that you’re still moving forward despite moving back and forth 🙂

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