Duck & Cover everyone, she’s blogging again…..

11 08 2011

Weather: It’s unseasonably pleasant. Sunny & 79. So far this summer has been a cavalcade of 90s-100s with high humidity. Gah, Ack and a wealth of OMGWTF???!! 

So I fell off the blogging wagon hard this time. Ah well. Life happens and sometimes there’s not much to talk about.

Still finishing up my revisions on Book#1 which are turning almost into a full re-write. Twas necessary, unfortunately. It’s helping to streamline the story. Took a page from Peter Jackson’s book in which he said, referring to how he decided what to keep & what to cut from the screenplays for the Lord of the Rings, “If it didn’t focus on Frodo getting the Ring to Mordor or advance the story, it was left out.” This is what I ended up doing. If it wasn’t advancing the plot, causing a pause or just ego stroking filler, it was getting gutted. So, I’m taking a week’s vacation at the end of August to finish up the revisions. Then the MS goes off to zee editor then onto getting published. 🙂

Book #2 is finally moving once I realized who the players actually were and figured out a couple of plot points that were missing from my initial outline. Funny how that works. 🙂

On the IRL front, The Husbeast has re-started his stained glass business. The mail has been arriving with new lampshade forms and brass rings and came bending tools and a wealth of patterns. So yes. He’s serious about it. I think this weekend he’s actually gonna finish off a number of projects that have been sitting for a bit. So keep your eyes on his website (Einini Glassworks) and his Etsy Shop .

I’ve taken up, albeit tentatively, glass tile mosaics. It’s still in it’s infancy, but I probably won’t make much noise about it until I gain some semblance of proficiency. Then I’ll probably splinter off of the Husbeast’s shop and sell some stuff. I find that I need to have some sort of physical hobby as well as my mental outlet for writing.

Speaking of the physical. I’ve shed about 25 pounds since my last blog post. Still only 30% of the way to my goal, but I at least think I can make it now. Feeling better now that my clothes is starting to fit correctly again and I’ve lost the double chin. Not bad for 44. Trust me, it doesn’t get easier as you get older.

I know I don’t usually weigh in on world events, especially politics here in the States, but dammit…things are just completely bollocksed to be honest. I’ve reached the level of disgust with our elected officials that I’ve gone numb. I get apoplectic just thinking about the dysfunction in Washington, D.C. ::shakes head:: Add in the rioting in the UK and the famine in Somalia and the talking point spewing media on all these topics and I just want to become a hermit in the Cascades, staying away from the interwebs & TV until this shit settles down. I’ve contributed my opinion, my vote and my hard earned money to support the causes I feel need it. Hopefully the world will get it’s collective head out of it’s collective ass and realize that their priorities are WAAAAAAY out of whack. I’m not holding my breath.

Ultimately, in order to get my life steered back in the proper direction, there are a number of factors that need ironing out.  I also need to stop trying to find the safe path. There really is no safe path to go a non-traditional route. Sometimes you have to forge the path yourself, rather than take the well trodden trail that others have already laid out. Especially if the path is going to sidestep easy fixes & wait on others to get their shit together.  Yes, ladies & gentlemen, if you’re going to eschew the standard way of doing things, you’re gonna have to put extra time & effort in to make things happen.  Sitting and moping because things aren’t falling into place does not make things get done. Neither does procrastinating or constantly falling back on the tired excuses of “Not enough time” or “When we have more money” or “after event x or y or z”. It’s never the perfect time for ANYTHING. It’s never the right time or the right place or with the right people. You’re gonna have to leverage that stuff yourself.

So. Now that I’ve randomly spewed for 700+ words, I shall end on an equally random note and promise to start blogging more often. I think I’m well over due for a “Irons in the Fire” post. So that will be forthcoming soon.

Keep your dreams in front of you. If you let them slip behind or to the side, you may lose sight of them forever.