Another day, another weatherpocalypse…

26 10 2010

Weather: Oh it’s just verging on 2012 here: Thunderstorms this morning, tornado watches all over the place and now, hurricane level winds. They’re calling it the Great Lakes Cyclone. High: this morning-70º; This afternoon- 58º

OMG! Could it be? A post two days in a row?? [/sarcasm]

Yes, I’ve made it my goal to post something here every day. I’ve also realized I need to get this blog linked into my website. Eventually I will have more content up there. Preferably book related content.

I’m toying with doing some podcasts.  Maybe writing related, maybe discussions with other writers. (I mean, 90% of my friends are writers. We tend to attract each other in our mutual pursuit of publishing gold….or madness. It’s kind of a crapshoot. )  Of course this means getting proper equipment and taking the time to plan it out, script it, maybe do some sound work as well.

A second thought I had for podcasts, was offering some of my writing up as audio versions. Still ironing out the possibilities.

So, as mentioned in the weather section above, we’re having some rather stormy, blustery conditions here in the Chicagoland/NW Indiana area. Woke to thunderstorms and Tornado watches. Kind of an occupational hazard here. We might not be Tornado Alley, but we do get our share of turbulent weather. My commute in was a bit hairy, but its the drive home from the train station I’m actually worried about. Branch debris is pretty much a given, and Gretchen, our stalwart VW Jetta, is a little low to the ground. Ah well, we shall see what the carnage looks like when I get home. Who knows, maybe there will be photos.

Also have made an iron clad decision to start working out again. With serious conviction. Several family members have come down with health issues, which has brought the spotlight back on the fact that I am out of shape and putting my own health at risk. Since I’m one of those lucky Americans without insurance, I really cannot afford, literally, to have a major health problem. (Being overweight is already taking it’s toll on me.) It’s not food issues for me, it’s lack of movement.
Besides, if I ever intend to do justice to a Kambriel gown or a proper corset, I need to remove a few of these extra rolls. Curves are good;  more than two, no so much.


Anyway. That’s it for today. More blathering tomorrow. And possibly  photos.






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26 10 2010

we need to blather more on our blog(s) too… unfortunately inspiration hasn’t jumped on us in the last few days.

26 10 2010
Heidi Ellis

I just came to the conclusion that not every post has to be a deep thoughtful endeavor. Just relating what I’m working on is enough. I want to still post “theme” posts now and then, but I need to make a habit of blogging more consistently. I need to figure out how to get this blog into my Website without it looking clunky.

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