Irons in the fire update….

22 06 2010

Weather: It’s just damn swampy. High: 92º and possibly rainy.  GAH!

Yeah, I’ve been horrifically deficient in regularly posting here. The good news is I have made progress on my writing. The bad news is I hit a drought for about a month.Until this morning, that is. Yes, the story fairy paid me a visit and clocked me upside the head with her magical epiphany anvil.

So, a particularly vivid dream had me waking up, scrambling half-asleep for my moleskine, and scrabbling for a pen so I could quickly take down what I’d just conjured in my addled brain. I haven’t had a plot point resolved in a dream in AGES so I took it as a sign to get cracking on it.

On my commute in, I also came up with what I hope will be the final scene in book #2. I’m literally BUZZING with ideas right now. Unfortunately, I have to serve the first master that is my day job, before I can focus on the deluge of story bits.

In the interim, here’s the current standings on the writing front.

All of the following take place in the Archive story universe.

The Serpentigena Trilogy:

Book 1 When the Lights Go Down (118K) Finished. With editor. Shopping Novel by end of July.

Book 2 The Lesser Evil (50K) In process of being rewritten.

Book 3 Untitled In outline w/ a couple scenes written.

Short story:  Darius’ tale (4k) 1st draft almost finished.

Carrion Dreams Trilogy

Book 1 (75K)  In revisions

Book 2     Outline written

Book 3     Outline Written

Fenrir Rising Trilogy

Book 1 Shadow of the Ash (60K) 1st Draft. Revisions needed.

Book 2 Kenric’s book In Outline

Book 3 Archivist’s Book In Outline.

The Dark Angel Trilogy

Book 1 All Things Fanged & Furry 1st Draft Finished. In Rewrites.

Book 2 All Demons Dread & Dire Some scenes written on 1st Draft.

Book 3 Untitled In outline.

The Librarian stories

Into the Stacks 1st draft almost finished

A Question of Discipline Outline written

Additionally, I’m actually going to attempt to get some freelance articles written, and I have a couple of short stories on deck as well. Lots to keep me occupied for a while. 🙂

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