Why I write.

6 04 2010

Weather: High: 80º  (O_0)  and scattered thunderstorms

So warm day and my brain is a-whirl with plot development at the moment.

Why do I write? Well it’s a question that you can ask a thousand writers, and get a thousand subtle variations on a similar answer.

I write because I have no other choice.

I write because the ideas and plots and characters occupying my brain multiply at a rate that is hazardous to my mental health if I don’t spill all the info out onto the page.

I write because if I didn’t, my head would explode. Possibly literally, as in a scene from Scanners. And that wouldn’t be good, especially for anyone in the vicinity.

I write because if I didn’t, I’d start talking back to the verbose muses in my head, and that would land me in a bouncy room with a jacket in which I can hug myself all day. Sanity is not found in this direction.

I write because I love stories. Because I love to read stories & sometimes, I can’t find the stories I want to read, so I write them myself.

I write because I want to share the movie that constantly runs through my head.

I write because the characters that come to  me need a chance to meet other people.

I write because it’s a great excuse to spend money on obscure reference texts and perform research on things that normally would get you strange looks, institutionalized or at least shunned from polite society. (Granted, you’ll still risk the possibility of all three, but if you tell them “It’s for a book.” they at least might switch to curious. )

Conversely, I DON’T write because I want to be rich, or famous, or popular. If any of those things happen, well that’ll be icing on the cake. But nowhere in my lists of motivations are there entries of money or fame. They tend to be bad motivations anyway.

In any case, whatever the reasons we write, the important thing is that we continue to write.  I have a feeling the day I keel over, I’ll have a pen in my hand or be at my keyboard.  It’s kind of a nice thought.

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5 responses

6 04 2010

Cannot agree more, I have to say that is all the reasons I write up there…

I had a patron tell me he wanted to write so he could be rich and I burst out laughing at him. I told him I was a published author and we had three other published authors on staff and that none of us were remotely rich and that nobody would care about his writing if that was his only motivation.

He looked a little grumpy and walked away. He probably complained about me, but I’d rather burst the bubble if all he would do is produce nothing but crap.

6 04 2010

Hey can I share this on the triscelle publishing page?

6 04 2010

Let’s face it, there’s a number of books published out there that we can plainly tell were written in pursuit of money. And the quality tends to suffer accordingly. I think the best books written are ones that people wrote from the heart. You can tell when writers like their characters and are engaged in the story. Hopefully that will come across when I get my books out there. 🙂

6 04 2010

Absolutely! Share away, dearest.

6 04 2010

Will do!! 😀 Thank you! I’m sure everyone will be able to tell you love your characters (at least as much as I do if not more!)

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