Nano Day 3 & My brain is evil….

3 11 2009

Weather: High 45º & sunny. :shivers:

Still working the NaNoWriMo story: Current wordcount: 6113 which is way over the minimum for the current timeframe. I’ll be hopefully pushing this over 8500 by tonight. V starts tonight. WILL NOT MISS IT.

The “My brain is evil” in the subject line comes from the fact that every so often, what I’m writing or watching before bed wheedles its way into my dreams. Last night. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (as played by Aidan Turner) wandered into my dreams and various types of naughtiness occurred. And no I’m not going into details. Suffice to say I’m blushing as I type this. Truth be told, it only served to breed several plot bunnies that I’m setting aside for another story later. 🙂


Was sidelined with server repairs here in the office today. And boss has just informed me he will be out tomorrow. This could bode well or ill for my writing. We’ll see.

Post lunch wordcount for NaNo is 7007 words. Getting there. Finally going to have the male & female leads’ paths cross. Well, COLLIDE really.

Gotta head home. More writing on the commute, “V” to watch and yet MORE writing. 🙂




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