Post NaNo Musings

30 11 2009

Weather: FINALLY some winter type weather: High :41º and partly sunny.

First off–the important news!

Yes! I managed to survive. Hit my 50K on Saturday after a 6 hour writing marathon!

Managed some re-writes last night on the WIP. Have decided in my infinite insanity to link all my books under a common universal umbrella. The stories will not be in serial format but loosely linked under some connected characters and some basic rules governing the creatures and magic systems. ( i.e. all the vampires will have the same rules etc.)

Wow. Work ate my brain today. Will post more extensive post later.


Tuesday, and writing malaise is hitting hard…

10 11 2009

Weather: High 56º & morning showers.

NaNo Wordcount total for Day 9: 18850

Not much else going on other than Brian waiting to hear about his job. I’ll be seeing the doc tomorrow about my foot & digestive issues. I have a feeling I’ll be HEARING about my weight and blood pressure. Which, granted, both need to be worked on.

More tomorrow, my sweets

Monday and the cycle starts again.

9 11 2009

Weather: High: 64º & cloudy. WTF is up with this temperature rollercoaster?

So– First up: NANOWRIMO Day 9: Wordcount total: 17231. So still ahead of the curve.

Just ordered this compilation for myself:

Sepiachord Companion Includes such fantastic bands as Vernian Process, Jill Tracy & Abney Park (who according to the Good Captain, will have a new album out in a couple weeks, thank the Steam Gods!)

Brian’s still waiting on official confirmation for a freelance position, that could lead to a full-time job. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.


Okay–work & writing have sucked out what little brain matter I came in with. Sigh. Off to the train and more writing + CASTLE!ZOMG! tonight.

It’s get annoyed at your manuscript Thursday!

5 11 2009


Yeah. Even with sunglasses, the sun was a tad FLAMING BALL OF EVIL this morning.

NaNoWrimo Morning Wordcount Total: 10033 words. Aiming for 12K today.

UPDATED: Only managed another 500 words over lunch, so I’ll need to do 1500 between the commute home and this evening. Brain seems to have thrown a coil. May need to to work on something else tonight or just take a breather. The story is there. It’s not writer’s block, just malaise has set in. We’ll see if I get a second wind on the way home.

Supernatural/Vampire Diaries Thursday -WOO!  It’s silly how much I’ve gotten addicted to these two shows.

Brian has an interview today. Not saying any more so I don’t jinx it. Could be a VERY good thing for us if he gets it.

And a picture of the cast of Being Human, snurched from Here:


Lenora, Russel, Sinead and Aidan ❤ !!!


Have a good evening all!

Bossless Day and I’m on a writing roll!

4 11 2009

Weather: High: 49º and morning showers.

NaNo Day 4: Morning Wordcount total: 8056 words.

Goal for today is to break 10K.

UPDATE: Broke 9K after lunch. Work has kept me hopping today. Hopefully I can keep this wordcount momentum going. 🙂


Heading home. Short post today. Such is life.

Nano Day 3 & My brain is evil….

3 11 2009

Weather: High 45º & sunny. :shivers:

Still working the NaNoWriMo story: Current wordcount: 6113 which is way over the minimum for the current timeframe. I’ll be hopefully pushing this over 8500 by tonight. V starts tonight. WILL NOT MISS IT.

The “My brain is evil” in the subject line comes from the fact that every so often, what I’m writing or watching before bed wheedles its way into my dreams. Last night. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (as played by Aidan Turner) wandered into my dreams and various types of naughtiness occurred. And no I’m not going into details. Suffice to say I’m blushing as I type this. Truth be told, it only served to breed several plot bunnies that I’m setting aside for another story later. 🙂


Was sidelined with server repairs here in the office today. And boss has just informed me he will be out tomorrow. This could bode well or ill for my writing. We’ll see.

Post lunch wordcount for NaNo is 7007 words. Getting there. Finally going to have the male & female leads’ paths cross. Well, COLLIDE really.

Gotta head home. More writing on the commute, “V” to watch and yet MORE writing. 🙂

Nano Day 2 & Other various cack & Nonsense.

2 11 2009

Weather: High: 54º and rainy. Will be in the 40s the rest of the week. Welcome to November!

Been watching this a lot over the weekend…

Desperate Romantics

Lots of  Aidan Turner. Mostly being a debauched hedonist with little or no admirable character or morals. And naked.  Just how I like him. 🙂 (He’s already in the Muse Enclave as he’s a main protaganist in the Dreamfic I’m writing. Yum!)

Watching this series re-ignited my interest in the Pre-Raphaelite artists and their philosophy. Add on the Artist community that was started by George Sand and the artists she surrounded herself with and I always get the feeling that I was born in the wrong century.  Bri and I always contend that we should be living in an artist’s commune and immersing ourselves in the artistic endeavors that we are so passionate about, but it just seems like that time has passed. It’s not exactly the time or environment to elicit patronage or live outside the traditional box of behaviour. and that is vexing in the most profound way. (I look to people like Amanda Palmer, who are carrying the torch for the Bohemian Artist philosophy!)

NaNoWriMo is off to a good start, though I’m hoping to extend my writing curv a bit today and cushion myself for slow or missing writing days. As of after lunch my wordcount is 4483. Still have a good cushion but I want to top 5500 by tonight.

Time to sign off and head home.