Bossless week: day one.

10 08 2009

Weather: High: 85° and HUMID! Severe thunderstorms expected this afternoon.

Don’t know how long this post will end up being, considering that the day could end up busy or quiet.

This weekend was relatively quiet. Had dinner with my in-laws to celebrate my BIL’s birthday on Saturday. Came home and watched Being Human after and went to bed. Sunday was a nice quiet day. Had a lengthy phone call with Mum, with intermittent political disagreement. Then sat down to finish reading “Skin Trade” by Laurell K Hamilton. Awesome book. Loved that it was a more procedural based book (As opposed to relationship based.)

Found out on Friday that the new Three Days Grace album will be out September 22, and am SOO looking forward to it. “One-X” was repeat play music for the current WIP. Maybe “Life Starts Now” will be the new soundtrack for the next WIP. Also am geebling over the new Muse album coming soon. Downloaded the first single “uprising” from i-tunes and have been playing it CONSTANTLY.

Being Human this weekend was made of awesome. I’m most put out there’s only 6 episodes. Sigh. At least we know we’re getting a second season. More Mitchell is always of the good.

Mitchell Om Nom Nom (Credit

Mitchell Om Nom Nom (Credit

I mean SRSLY!? LOOK AT HIM! And this is the character who keeps showing up in my dreams. Not that you’ll ever hear a complaint from me. Never. Now I just need to get him to out of my head and onto the page.

Stories on the writing front:

When The Lights Go Down is almost done. It’s weird to think  just over a year ago, this was just an idea stemming from a visual and a single line of dialog. Now I’m looking at 328 pages & 89000 words. Sometime it just boggles the mind that all that came out of my brain. 🙂

The new untitled DreamFic keeps gnawing at me. I just keep scribbling down notes, trying to at least keep the thoughts on record for later assembly.

Carrion Dreams is beckoning. I re-read what I had already written, and while it needs some work, the storyline is so firm in my head. It will be like transcription once I get back to it.

Well, Day one of Bossless week has actually been fairly uneventful. Rather nice for a change. 🙂

Hopefully this trend will keep up for the rest of the week.

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