A long delayed post…

3 08 2009

Weather: High: 86° and Isolated Thunderstorms this afternoon.

Wow. I have something like a week’s worth of half finished blog posts sitting in my drafts queue. Last week was a bit of a PITA what with projects flying and the boss out, so blog posts took a back seat to actual work projects.

So! I have become a crack level addict for Being Human. (First part of dealing with addiction is admitting you have one, right?) Can’t help it. Love the storyline, love the mythology….okay, let’s just be honest I LOVE MITCHELL. To the point that I had a rather randy dream involving him and Eric from True Blood. And me. I think we’ll just stop there as this tends to be a family blog.VBEG. My brain is  a naughty naughty thing.Took the dream and built a short story out of it. Probably pushing the NC-17 envelope a bit. But, I wrangled almost 7000 words out of it nonetheless. It has an ending.  Nice thing is, later I might actually be able to build a world around it. The seeds are there if I want to plant them. Nice to have something with potential hanging around.

Need to get my butt back to working on the WIP. It’s slowly trudging to an ending. But we’ll have to see what ending it ends up getting. I know that sounds odd, but this story is kind of guiding itself. I have a couple of ideas, fairly similar but with slight variations. Lately, once the ball gets rolling, the story sometimes goes off the rails a bit from what I initially conceived. Sometimes its good, sometimes it needs to be reined back in.  So the next couple chapters will decide which direction the ending will take. Kinda like a “Choose your own adventure” in progress.

This is a short post today, but I’m going to post it nonetheless. I need to get back to daily blogging. 🙂

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3 08 2009

Yes, Mitchell is indeed yummy. But the ghost is just too pert. Perhaps that is the point? I’ve never seen True Blood . I don’t have premium cable. In fact we soon will not cable at all. Trying to hold on to it though. I would really miss BBC America.

4 08 2009

I’m with you! I think Annie is supposed to be OTT when it comes to her outlook, like she’s overcompensating for her loneliness. And Mitchell? Dear gods. I want to climb him like a tree. HA!

You can get True Blood via I-tunes and I want to say that Netflix has it as well. It’s a vmpire show for adults. (LOL) plenty of sex, violence and blood. But some darn good looking actors as well.

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