Monday already? THREE DAYS TO D*CON!

31 08 2009

Weather: High: 68º and sunny. YES! 68! IN AUGUST!

I wore a hoodie to work this morning. In August. :shakes head: No, people. There’s no Climate Change occurring. Just keep your fingers in your ears and go LALALALALA until the facts and evidence go away. (Jeebus I’m in a snarky mood this morning.)

Am having a slightly up day, but I don’t want to jinx it. Just found out my Supernatural Season 4 DVDs shipped. Velly excited! And On Twitter, I entered a contest with TOR Books and just found out I won! Yay for more free books!

On the writing front, I’m about 400 words shy of 100K. I have to pause and look at that number. 100,000 words. I’ve never written anything this long. I was gobsmacked when I passed 75K to be bluntly honest. I realize I will probably lose at least a good 20K of that to edits…but it’s the benchmark that matters. I managed to pull 100K words out of the ether and wrestle them into a story.  And its not like that’s all I have. (Considering the number of stories waiting on the back burner once When the Lights Go Down gets done? Yeah. More word transfiguration on the horizon. )

Found it amusing that a line from the new 3DG single was this “At night, I feel like a vampire”. Amusing in a full circle kinda way. They were the primary influence for my epic vampire book, and now they’ve put that element in a song. Oh Universe, please never stop amusing me. 🙂

Have True Blood waiting for me to watch.  Can’t believe how hooked I’ve gotten on this show!

And yes, DragonCon is THREE DAYS AWAY. Of course there’s a 10 hour drive between us and Atlanta, but the end result will be fantastic. 🙂

I’m looking forward to attending a lot of the writing panels. It’s gonna be a surreal experience for me since the bulk of people I’m going to be meeting are friends I’ve known for quite a it of time, but are meeting face to face for the first time. It’s intimidating and exciting at the same time.

Any way. This will be short as work today has been exceptionally time consuming and I’ve got to leave on time to purchase my train pass. Then Home and zee planning & Packing shall ensue. 🙂


BTW-New little sneak peak behind the scenes of 3DG recording here:

Oh wow! It’s been a while, huh?

28 08 2009

Weather: High: 69º and rainy. Been like this all week. Not complaining one jot!

Wow…I really fell off the blogging wagon there, didn’t I? ::smacks hands and sends self to the bad blogger corner for a time out::

Things have been chaotic in the office and writing has been claiming what little free time I have. Not that the latter is a bad thing. The former is vexing, but I am the bread winner at the moment, so I think this falls under “Necessary Evil.”

Been working hard on  When the Lights Go Down. Got a little bogged down in the climactic fight scene and it still needs some cleaning up. Fight scenes for me tend to get weighted down in description.  I’m trying to get them more lean and keep the action flowing rather than choppy.

Have switched on fangirl mode. New Supernatural season starts up the Thursday after I get back from Dragon*Con. And the Vampire Diaries starts up the same night. Am ADDICTED to True Blood & Being Human, though both are ending their seasons soon before protracted hiatuses. This will be night unto torture for me, needless to say. But with hotties like these, DO you blame me for being a little morose about not getting to see more of them? COME ON!

Mitchell (Aidan Turner) from Being Human

Mitchell (Aidan Turner) from Being Human

Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) from True Blood

Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) from True Blood

Also, my lovely lads from Three Days Grace have a new album out very soon and released some fantastic photos. My faves were predictably the darker B& W ones. :

Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace



And as an added bonus, they posted a short Behind the Scenes vid on YouTube. I’m ridiculously squeeful about this album.

Yes. I’ve been a total and unrepentant FANGIRL. And Dragon*Con is only going to exacerbate the situation. I do hope to actually use the Con to make some professional connections as well. I mean, what’s the point of having a 300+ page book under my belt if I have no one to query about it, right?

Hubby and I are making all the prep for D*C this weekend. Hopefully we will have pretty much everything in place by the end of Sunday, so I can do the last minute thing with less to worry about.

Can’t say that I’m gonna be upset about getting out of town for a few days. Plus, getting to see several bands I like? (Abney PArk, Faith & the Muse, The Cruxshadows, Bella Morte, Ayria, Spider Lilies, & Voltaire) BONUS!

Ah well. Time to go. Have a good weekend all!

Bossless Week: Day 2

11 08 2009

Weather: High: 81° and Sunny.  Queue Goth Girl’s grumpy moods.

So–it’s been reasonably quiet again today. I smell shenanigans on the horizon. Granted a couple of my co-workers might benefit from a nap right now, but nothing requiring mops, hefty bags or plausible deniability.

Well after I typed that the curse kicked in and I got insanely busy. Sigh. No writing today. But some interesting discussions over on Facebook. 🙂
Will post more tomorrow.

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Bossless week: day one.

10 08 2009

Weather: High: 85° and HUMID! Severe thunderstorms expected this afternoon.

Don’t know how long this post will end up being, considering that the day could end up busy or quiet.

This weekend was relatively quiet. Had dinner with my in-laws to celebrate my BIL’s birthday on Saturday. Came home and watched Being Human after and went to bed. Sunday was a nice quiet day. Had a lengthy phone call with Mum, with intermittent political disagreement. Then sat down to finish reading “Skin Trade” by Laurell K Hamilton. Awesome book. Loved that it was a more procedural based book (As opposed to relationship based.)

Found out on Friday that the new Three Days Grace album will be out September 22, and am SOO looking forward to it. “One-X” was repeat play music for the current WIP. Maybe “Life Starts Now” will be the new soundtrack for the next WIP. Also am geebling over the new Muse album coming soon. Downloaded the first single “uprising” from i-tunes and have been playing it CONSTANTLY.

Being Human this weekend was made of awesome. I’m most put out there’s only 6 episodes. Sigh. At least we know we’re getting a second season. More Mitchell is always of the good.

Mitchell Om Nom Nom (Credit

Mitchell Om Nom Nom (Credit

I mean SRSLY!? LOOK AT HIM! And this is the character who keeps showing up in my dreams. Not that you’ll ever hear a complaint from me. Never. Now I just need to get him to out of my head and onto the page.

Stories on the writing front:

When The Lights Go Down is almost done. It’s weird to think  just over a year ago, this was just an idea stemming from a visual and a single line of dialog. Now I’m looking at 328 pages & 89000 words. Sometime it just boggles the mind that all that came out of my brain. 🙂

The new untitled DreamFic keeps gnawing at me. I just keep scribbling down notes, trying to at least keep the thoughts on record for later assembly.

Carrion Dreams is beckoning. I re-read what I had already written, and while it needs some work, the storyline is so firm in my head. It will be like transcription once I get back to it.

Well, Day one of Bossless week has actually been fairly uneventful. Rather nice for a change. 🙂

Hopefully this trend will keep up for the rest of the week.

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Where do ideas come from? :ponders:

4 08 2009

Weather: High: 88° and partly cloudy. Possible Iso. Thunderstorms this afternoon.

So we all get the question now and then… Where do we get our ideas. Well, Neil Gaiman has said his come from his head. Smart man that he is. (I think I’d like my ideas to come from Neil’s head as well. Solves a multitude of plot search issues. 😉

Harlan Ellison has been famously quoted as saying he gets them from an idea factory in Schenectady, NY. (Joking of course. I suspect he gets them from his head as well. Darn smart authors, concocting ideas from the ether and making up stories on their own! [/sarcasm])

Most authors will make up other whimsical answers to this questin, some will scowl, and yet others will answer truthfully. Ideas have no one source. Sometimes we get inspired by a line of conversation. Or an image we stumble across online. (There’s an awesome website called Musecrack that offers up wildly random but fascinating images, solely for the purposes of inspiring creativity. )

I can only really speak for myself and say that I’ve found the initial seed thought for a story in a variety of places.

The current WIP that I’m almost finished writing was initially inspired from the last minute or so of a music video. (“Animal I Have Become” by Three Days Grace.) I just had a “WHAT IF…” moment that the images prompted and suddenly I was writing a scene, and that scene became a major plot point about a third of the way through the manuscript.  Other stories I have on the back burner & outlined have been variously inspired by other “what if” scenarios.

“What if” vampires could only turn people genetically predisposed for turning. (Inspired by an article on Junk DNA)

“What if” there was a book that could end the world if it was opened? That could literally bring about Ragnarok? (Inspired by a conversation with a friend who was Asatru.)

“What if” the Library of Alexandria’s contents were actually being guarded by an ancient group? (Inspired by my constant question of where we’d be if it HADN’T been burned to the ground?)

So there you have three plots that I’ve already started sculpting into storylines. I get more everyday. I write them down and keep them in a separate journal for later perusal.

The question “What If?” is the best springboard for any idea. If you can ask it, then answer it, you pretty much have the seeds of a story. All you need to do is sit down and plant them. And, of course, have enough interest to see if the answer leads to more questions. It rapidly can turn into a diagram which in turn can yield an outline.

Sometimes our ideas are not new. But the whole “what if” Q & A gives you the opportunity to put a fresh spin on an old idea.

For example, the  general consensus is there is a glut of vampire novels on the market right now. And I’ve had many discussions and arguments over whether the “romantic vampire” has destroyed the “classic scary vampire.” That there are no GOOD vampire novels being written right now. (For the record, I don’t believe we have to only have one or the other. Plenty of room in the coffin for both.) But that’s not going to stop me from finishing my vampire novel. I actually have at least three more vampire themed novels on deck, all with completely different world building involved. Are they 100% unique? Probably not. But my CHARACTERS are mine. And the dialogue, plot and settings are mine. That alone can put a new spin on the genre, granted with minimal rotation.

A second thought on the “vampire glut”: I think this drive to create “NEW and UNIQUE” vampires has kind of stripped every recognizable vampire trait from the characters. Stretch the genre too far and you might as well stop using the epithet.

And finally, IMHO a lot of what contributes to the problem is that many of the vampire novels crowding bookshelves are regular fiction novels that have crow-barred a vampire into the plot, and then are marketed as a VAMPIRE novel. Not really a fresh twist on an old idea there, people. You can’t glue a horn on a horse and expect people to buy it as a unicorn.

So coming back to my initial question, where do ideas come from? I guess the simple answer is everywhere. But the second question that should be asked is what will you do with them when they find you?

Now. Time for me to get back to sculpting my story into something with a workable ending. I’m finding lately, I love my characters so much, that finishing the story almost pains me. But the story needs an ending and the characters need a resolution.


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A long delayed post…

3 08 2009

Weather: High: 86° and Isolated Thunderstorms this afternoon.

Wow. I have something like a week’s worth of half finished blog posts sitting in my drafts queue. Last week was a bit of a PITA what with projects flying and the boss out, so blog posts took a back seat to actual work projects.

So! I have become a crack level addict for Being Human. (First part of dealing with addiction is admitting you have one, right?) Can’t help it. Love the storyline, love the mythology….okay, let’s just be honest I LOVE MITCHELL. To the point that I had a rather randy dream involving him and Eric from True Blood. And me. I think we’ll just stop there as this tends to be a family blog.VBEG. My brain is  a naughty naughty thing.Took the dream and built a short story out of it. Probably pushing the NC-17 envelope a bit. But, I wrangled almost 7000 words out of it nonetheless. It has an ending.  Nice thing is, later I might actually be able to build a world around it. The seeds are there if I want to plant them. Nice to have something with potential hanging around.

Need to get my butt back to working on the WIP. It’s slowly trudging to an ending. But we’ll have to see what ending it ends up getting. I know that sounds odd, but this story is kind of guiding itself. I have a couple of ideas, fairly similar but with slight variations. Lately, once the ball gets rolling, the story sometimes goes off the rails a bit from what I initially conceived. Sometimes its good, sometimes it needs to be reined back in.  So the next couple chapters will decide which direction the ending will take. Kinda like a “Choose your own adventure” in progress.

This is a short post today, but I’m going to post it nonetheless. I need to get back to daily blogging. 🙂

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