Brain & muses are not playing well together…

21 07 2009

Weather: High: 81 Degrees & sunny, but a slight chance of pm Thunderstorms. WOO!

So. Am feeling a little more coherent today. Though my moon* is still making me miserable. (*this is code for TMI. Trying not to squick the boys. )

Watched the first day of Torchwood: Children of Earth last night and DAMN was that good. Nice to see the gang back. Love that they are so settled in with each other that the easy snark flies fast and free. 🙂  After that, I settled in and watched the lastest True Blood. O_O Needs more Eric speaking old Norse and being angry. Just saying. Is it sad that I’m starting to find Sookie annoying? And Bill kind of boring? Must be that damnable bad vamp addiction I’m constantly…well to say “fighting” would just be an outright lie, so let’s say…entertaining. 🙂 Jason has become interesting again. And Lafayette…oh honey. They did break you, didn’t they? Still.  I reiterate.  MOAR ERIC PLS.

Eric Northman. NomNomNom.

Eric Northman. NomNomNom.

Allright. Hormones aside for the moment.

Spent a good bit of time on the train ride home last night trying to pare  a rather exposition-y scene down to something informational without being just an information dump. Think I managed it. Now to consult the Google Timelines to make sure I have an accurate historical reference. (So happy someone pointed those out. So much easier to put something in the right historical context.)

Starting to get excited for Dragon*Con. Not that I wasn’t before, but the fact that so many people that I’ve been wanting to meet are going to be there? Yeah. Starting to get a little overwhelmed. Funny thing is, most of the people I’m dying to meet are not actors or celebrities. They’re just fellow writers. And friends I’ve only known from online interaction. I’m excited to meet some editors and go to writing panels. Okay, yes I’d have a huge moment of squee should I get to meet Ben Browder or Claudia Black. And I’m SOOO hoping to get a chance to meet Monica Richards from Faith & the Muse. So yeah, a little fan worship but a lot of hopefully professional interaction as well. 🙂 I figure I may end up concocting some business cards ahead of time. :shrugs:  Don’t know if it will help, but it surely can’t hurt.

Additionally, regarding Dragon*Con,  this will be my first time to a MAJOR convention. I totally expect to be gobsmacked and overwhelmed. So if you’re meeting me for the first time? Glazed eyes, distraction and fumbling speech is not my usual modus operandi. Once I settle a little, you’ll find that I’m pretty much like I am online. Gabby, sarcastic and flaily. (Standing a few feet back is good if I’m excited when I’m talking. The hands do start flying. )

All right. Work project is sucking up a lot of my time today and will do for the next few days. (I’m doing all the graphic design, production and data gathering for our company sponsored Golf Outing next Wednesday. It’s a little like herding cats. And then getting them to line dance. )

So. Torchwood Day Two tonight and hopefully some more work on zee manuscript. I’ve decided to drop a scene entirely. It’s been re-written twice now and I still can’t find a way to insert it without stopping the action cold. It’s a non-essential scene. I can reference it later in a much smaller way.

Gotta dash.
Everyone have a great evening.

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