Thursday…Almost Friday, but not quite.

16 07 2009

Weather: High: 84 degrees and partly sunny.

Have decided to change my life goals.

Now all I want is to get published and be just famous enough to live a bohemian artistic life in a beautiful house in the wilds of Washington with my equally published husband and have cats and other friends of an artistic persuasion who visit and have lots of time between books to just travel and experience life. So…of  these new goals, I have already accomplished one: I have a slew of friends who are artists and writers and musicians! So thankfully, I can cross that one off the list. LOL!(And by friends, I don’t mean people I follow on Twitter or have fanned on Facebook. I mean literal friends that I’ve known in person for a good long time. THX!) Now for that elusive published goal….

I make that previous statement with a little tongue in cheekness, but it really is what I’d consider an ideal life. (I may be envying Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer a bit much right now. Mind you, I envy the freedom and artistic expression they have more than anything else. I have a lovely husband who is game for pretty much anything and loves me to distraction, so I’m set on that front. 🙂 (Love you Bri!) )

Am kinda of flitting back and forth to my desk so sorry if this post comes out a little disjointed.

On the writing front, I spent a good couple hours last night re-reading the MS and trying to figure out what the most glaring problem with it was. And then it hit me. I have a good threat played out for the first 3/4 of the story. Unfortunately that’s when the threat kinda turns into a whimper. And the ending I’ve come up for it seems a little flimsy. I mean it’s an ending. I just don’t know if it’s a SATISFYING ending. This is when you go through the “Did I just write 320 pages of unpublishable crap?”

Ah well, actual WORK work interfered with blogging and writing today. I suppose that is the way it’s meant to be in the first place, bugger the realities of this job market. Sigh.

Hopefully will be working on plot issues tonight. I also have some friend’s fiction to read and plenty of other husband snogging related activities to accomplish as well. (Last night I had a particularly victorious Blueberry/Cherry Crumble & Peach Crumble experiment! Quite the NOM! I love when a “throw it together and see what happens” turns out good!)

So. See you all on the flip side. Thank goodness the weekend is within sight and Harry Potter is on the agenda! WOOT!

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