Manic Monday. And no, I’m not singing it!

13 07 2009

Weather: High: 81 and partly sunny. Nice for Mid July.

Not quite awake enough to be coherent here at work, though I have to admit, stomping my way to the office to the heavy BPM of “Art of Conflict” by VNV Nation does give you a bit of an energy boost first thing in the morning. 🙂

Didn’t hit my intended goal of 6000 words on When the Lights Go Down this weekend, mostly because the VNV concert kicked my ass sideways and Saturday was spent in a vaguely painful haze. (Threw my shoulder out of whack somehow. And my knees were not loving me for all the bouncing.)Did manage to crank out close to 3500 words, but I’ll need to get some more work done today. Working currently on a “Captain Exposition” scene that I’m trying to not let turn into a mere information dump. I’m actually concurrently writing three scenes, which is probably gonna bite me on the ass.

Still, lots to get done. I took a bit of time this weekend to pick through the other WIPs on deck and I’m rather irritated at how much work is gonna need to be done on all of them. Carrion Dreams especially may need some re-writes before I can continue on it. Dark of the Mirror is a mess after the 50K mark, and I need to do a buttload of research for the historical background. And the companion novels of  All Things Fanged and Furry & All Demons Dread & Dire are so much in need of revamping as to almost need a complete re-write. So yeah.  A lot is waiting on the back burner once I get done with the current manuscript.

Boss will be out of town for the next couple days to a convention, so I’ll be minding the store, so to speak. This can bode well or awful for writing time. Depends on how demanding the users will be. Could go either way, truth be told.

Was happy to purchase more of Ayria’s music today. Bouncy, synthpoppy EBM goodness to keep me motivated today.

Also, on the home front, made a kick ass cherry cobbler from scratch over the weekend. (We had a two pound batch of cherries that were starting to look a little sad, so I spent a good half hour pitting them and threw together a cobbler batter.) SO good. The batter caramelized a little in the corners so it was almost toffee like. (I used organic sugar which gave it a much richer taste)  To quote my husband “Buttery Sugary Cherry goodness!”

House repairs and fix-ups continue. Brian finished painting the awning over the back door. Hopefully we’re going to get started on the painting inside soon. We still need to scrape together some money and get the basement re-carpeted. (We had to yank up all the carpeting down there when we had the mini-flood last September.) If the cement floors were in better shape, I wouldn’t really be that concerned, but they look AWFUL. No one will buy the house with the floors looking like that. Still, it’s gonna take a good chunk of change to get it done.

Alright.  Back to work. Got some graphic design work to finish and a few hundred e-mails & phonecalls to return. ::buys another lottery ticket and dreams of financial independence!::
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