VNV Nation Concert Day!! (Woo!)

10 07 2009

Weather: High: 83 degrees with possible thunderstorms in the pm. And did I mention ZOMG HUMID???

SO yes! Tonight we will be at the House of Blues here in Chicago watching the epic awesomeness that is VNV Nation! (War Tapes & Ayria are opening for them and from what I’ve heard of both bands, it’s gonna be a GREAT lineup!)

Work is just DRAGGING today. Trying to get stuff done, but brain is not engaged. ::MUST FOCUS::

Writing goals were not met last night, partly due to Cat Distraction (Also known as strategic feline destruction) So I was constantly getting up to prevent some sort of cat damage infliction. Was too distracted to write.

Had a power lunch with a lot of meat and pasta. Need to boost my energy if I’m gonna survive 5-6 hours of EBM tonight. Right now a nap feels more important.

Twitter is being a little bitch today. I swear I’m getting the Fale Whale a bajillion times an hour. So aggravating.

Anyway. Workload of actual work is preventing any blogging of substance today. Besides, distracted by concert anticipation. 🙂

Will attempt to blog this weekend.  If nothing else I’ll at least get online to squee about the concert. But getting story done is first priority.

Everyone have a great weekend.




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