Amazing what a little sleep can do!

9 07 2009

Weather: High: 82 degrees and hazy. This feels more like summer.


Am trying to slip in some writing time between projects at work, but am getting sidelined by Facebook and Twitter. Must close tabs to get work done. Sigh.

Working on Park Scene through lunch and having fun with it. Queried the FaceBook and Twitter crowd for potential victims, and are getting suggestions that vary from the amusing to the serious to the sublime. Think there might be a “easter egg” writing session involved there, writing the scene using each of the suggestions to amusing lengths.  Does is say something about my psychological health that I enjoy writing death scenes this much? Probably.

I’m also watching last season’s finale for Leverage on TNT’s website while I write and work. Love this show so much! The writing is always smart and funny and poignant by turns. I love all the characters (especially Eliot [Christian Kane FTW]) but the dialogue is actually what keeps me coming back. Its snarky and dry and banter-like. Of course, that’s how I like to write myself, so maybe I’m getting pointers from the show inadvertently.  (For the record, many of these points are also why I watch Castle & The Philanthropist as well. )

Work is beginning to be a daily migraine inducer. Not because of the work, mind you, but because we’re short staffed and over demanded. It’s a major stress source anymore.  Sigh. But I’ll shut up, because at least I HAVE a job.

House repair apocalypse continues today. Bri and his dad got the windows re-glazed and will be painting them next. The awning over the back door has been scoured, sealed and will be repainted prolly today. We’re eyeballing the next few weekends to get the inside sanded and painted. Now just to find the funds to get the basement re-carpeted. And we still have the unenviable task of painting the outside of the house as well. Siding. Yay. But it’s gotta be done if we’re gonna get the house ready to put on the market and get our sorry butts moved out to Seattle by next summer. Such is our game plan. Let’s see if the benevolent deities play along.::crosses fingers::

So almost time to wrap up for the day. Probably will spend to night getting some scenes wrapped up. I have a side project I’m working on but it needs to be done by the weekend. And it’s for fun, so I may chisel away at that. 🙂

Will post an Irons in the Fire update tomorrow with current statuses on all projects.

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