Wordcount Wednesday… and I’m dead on my feet.

8 07 2009

Weather: High: 74 degrees with intermittent showers through the day. ::checks calendar::  You DO know it’s July, right, Weather Gods? Not that I’m complaining in any context. 😉

Got a little done last night, writing wise, but my brain was just not clicking the way it usually does. 1200 words, but I think I need to go back and re-work it. Tonally, it’s a little light against the darkness that preceded it. And a little precious. Let’s be honest, I don’t do precious. And I think I raised a concept in the Vampire 101 of the story that hadn’t been raised before. Not good when I’m thumbing my nose at my own world building. Sigh. I think I may need to work on the outline stuff and let this scene sit for now. It’s not crucial for getting the next bits written. Besides, I’m itching to write the Vamp Battle Royale scene. Blood, violence and gruesome endings for some major characters. Woo!

The dead on my feet reference in the subject line comes from the fact that I’m trying to function on two hours of sleep. Had insomnia as it was last night, then some digestive issues + a sore ear ( I re-pierced my right ear’s second hole and it’s in the process of healing.) and finally, the coup de grace, two of our resident alley cats decided to have a loud mating session in our front yard. And I mean LOUD! Snoots was rather annoyed…or interested. Hard to tell with him. He was running from window to window, yipping and pawing at the glass. How like a man. Sigh.
Brian did his best to help me get to sleep but I think sheer exhaustion finally claimed me about 2:30- 3 a.m. Then I had a horrific dream about Snoots being sick in a very visceral way and we couldn’t get him to the vet. Not good. SO needless to say, I didn’t exactly spring out of bed, greeting the day with joie de vivre.  Of course, most days I don’t do that either. Just this morning, I was particularly zombielike and petulant.

Okay, just got out of a meeting for a work related project. It’s been delayed and people have been dragging their feet. Here’s the annoyance–its the same thing we do EVERY DAMN YEAR! The only problem is that I have to create all the media attached to the project and the content changes. So while they can make changes to things up to the day of the event, the things I need to produce, print and dry mount as displays CANNOT! Needless to say, I had to kick a little ass to get the info I needed to get my part done. GAH!

Worked on some personal projects over lunch, but didn’t really get much writing done. C’est la vie. Will do some writing tonight, taking a break for The Philanthropist! WOOT!

Ah well, the lack of sleep has caught up with me and the words are not coming. Staring at the screen and straining my eyeballs is not producing any coherent text either. Calling it a day, here at the blogosphere.

Hopefully with more sleep I will be more verbally forthcoming. 🙂

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