Tuesday and the air is ripe with WTF?!?!?

7 07 2009

Weather: High: 76 degrees and partly sunny. Nice for a day in mid- July

Started the day off on completely the wrong foot. In fact it may have been someone else’s foot entirely. Brokers calling the minute I get to my seat? Check. PEBKAC errors? Check. Heidi having to push the vein down in her forehead. Oh major check.

Michael Jackson’s memorial service is today.  While I’m sad that he passed away and respect his legacy, the hysteria and media coverage is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Therefore I am merely opting to not watch the mania. If other wish to that is their business and I will not make any disrespectful or snarky comments. I remember how I felt the day Freddie Mercury died. So I understand, though I don’t share the same feelings of loss for MJ.  ::Shrugs:: Everyone will mourn or not mourn as they wish.  No need for people to be rude or mean on either side of the fence.Nuff Said.

Working while having YouTube up on my second monitor blasting the 3DG live at the Palace concert is most delightful. And cubemate has left her radio off today so I’m not having to compete with horrifying soul-suckin MOR light rock. FTW!

Don’t think I mentioned this but speaking of 3DG, had an interesting conflux of things related to the band yesterday. Not only did Laurell K Hamilton reveal that most of “Blood Noir” (the latest Anita Blake Book) was written while listening to One-X, but also that Jason (one of the werewolves in the books) was linked to “Animal I Have Become“. Now mind you, this is one of my favorite authors mentioning one of my favorite bands. And specifically the song (and vid) that spawned Devon and the whole “When The Lights Go Out” storyline. Freakish coincidence. And then I get home to find my two 3DG shirts I’d ordered had arrived. Think I need to send a note off to the lads and tell them they’re influencing a lot of creativity out here even while they’re confined to a recording studio in Vancouver! LOL! Hopefully the new album, whenever it comes out (I believe I’ve heard rumblings for October…) will be accompanying the next story. “Carrion Dreams” is next on the horizon to be written so there may be a soundtrack brewing that I haven’t even heard yet. 🙂

Having lunch and re-writing a stray scene written earlier to fit better into the current plotline. (The original was actually a bit of hoot, wherein I offed a girl who was based on an obnoxious commuter I had to deal with regularly. Unfortunately, it’s now flying in the face of the plotline that I’ve been working on.)  SO revision is the word of the day.

Full moon tonight. Hopefully I can grab some of that energy and get some things done. I know Bri and his dad were supposed to get together to do some work on the house, mostly re-doing some glazing and paint on our windows. The house is slowly coming along and hopefully will be ready for sale by the end of summer. We figure it’s gonna take some time to sell, the market being what it is. Job hunting for Seattle will probably start around the same time. We’re targeting next summer for our move. Hopefully a change of scenery will bode well for both of us. Too much stress on the home front these days. (Not between Bri and me, from the outside. As per usual. )

Now. To writing and getting my work done.

Three days till VNV Nation/War Tapes/Ayria. WOO!
Have a War Tapes Vid!

Have a good day, everyone.

Now playing: Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About You
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