Monday post July Fourth MEH!

6 07 2009

Weather: High: 84 Degrees and Partly Sunny.
They taunt us with possible thunderstorms, but I don’t think they’ll pan out. Meh.

So this weekend was the Fourth of July weekend, that lovely extended weekend where all the Darwin Award candidates get drunk and try creative ways of offing themselves using barely legal explosives. Woo! Luckily for my sanity and the cat’s nerves, it rained most of the day on Saturday, quelling a lot of the detonations, though some persevered. At night, once the rain had stopped, the explosions started back up, making our neighborhood seem like a scene in a demilitarized zone, complete with wafting sulfur smoke and occasional sounds of pain when someone stood too close to something blowing up. We managed to escape any bottle rockets landing on our roof, though the kids across the street did shoot off M80’s until well past midnight.  Sigh. I don’t mind the celebration, though I will admit to grousing when it continues well into August. Thank you Indiana Legislature. ::grumbles::

Noisy idiots aside, the weekend was nice. Bri and I both got a lot done on our respective books. He managed to wade through all the image files for his flag book and get them pared down to what he actually needs. I managed to somehow reach the 81K  word count level, with an outline in my back pocket for the final few chapters. Now comes the actual writing. I’m not 100% satisfied with my chosen ending, but I think I’ll work that out in the editing phase.  Writing the  transition scene that bridges what I had to what I need to get written has almost been like pulling teeth.  Couldn’t get the characters to do what I needed them to do, so I have 11 pages of flailing towards a resolution. Def needs some re-working to maintain the emotional resonance of what they’re going through. Think I finally managed it with the last bit I wrote last night. Will have to go back through and rethink some of the wording. Also realized the need to re-address some plot points. There’s a scene missing somewhere in the middle that contains pertinent character development that has suddenly appeared in the most recent scenes. Just didn’t know it was needed back then.  So will be heading back into the Writer’s Cave for more commiserating with the muse.  And he’s getting more verbose as we go on. I think he’s pushing for a longer story than I intended to tell. Sigh. Damn cute emo rock star vampires.

Bri’s folks will be heading off to Ireland, as I’ve mentioned previously, and their trip will overlap our trip to Atlanta (DRAGON*CON FTW!). So needless to say we’re trying to finagle the best way for Snoots, Destroyer of Worlds, Paper Products and Berber Carpet, to get food, water and clean litterpan while we’re gone.  Already have a vaca feeder in place for dry food, so we just need to get a high volume water one as well. May have my mum do the stop over for mail and check the litter pan duty.

Got my Blood Ties DVDs last week and finally got around to watching them last night while I was writing. Amazing how much inspiration you can draw from that damn show! Of course, Kyle Schmid makes for very lovely visual input. And his embodiment of Henry Fitzroy is such silky snarky perfection, you just want to have your own characters have that same facility with words and action.

Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy OM NOM NOM.

Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy OM NOM NOM.

Yeah. Anyway. Sigh.

Finally saw Casino Royale this weekend as well. Yes, Daniel Craig is of the Nom! I really liked his take on Bond. Will have to track down Quantum of Solace as well. Rather like my Bond on the more brutal side. Why is it that the Brits can pull off that icy brutality better than anyone else? I mean, see Clive Owen for one. Dear benevolent deities he can be almost thuggish and I still want to climb him like a tree.  American actors seem to be able to do the scary violent types, but that particular brand of chilly restrained violence that is 10 times more scary? Only the Brits. Seriously.

Posted a piece of Flair on Facebook last week that got a lot of commentary. It merely said “I just want to tell stories and not have a shitty job”. I think that’s turned from a clever phrase into a manifesto of sorts. It’s getting to be almost a serious will power challenge to focus my attention on work related things. My brain is in constant story writing mode and I get a little feisty when I’m expected to set aside my musings and actually do work. The obvious downside is that with Brian still unemployed, the prospect of leaving my job, or more alarming, LOSING my job is a concern of no small consequence to us financially. It just bloody figures that the moment my damn muses show up and all the problems I was having writing vanish into the ether, that’s when life decides to yank the proverbial rug out from under us. Guess I should have seen that coming all things considered. We’ve had a banner fucking few years now. Since 2005, things have just not recovered. I still hold that it’s the universe giving us a bitchslap to the head because we’re still stuck where we are and are not where we should be. Yup. Makes sense.

Anyway. Need to go pour some time into the story and get a few bajillion things done on the work front.

Here: Have a vid for your day.
Ayria — My Device (They’re opening for VNV Nation this friday, along with War Tapes. WOO !)

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