Wow…Have I been lax posting or what!

3 07 2009

Weather: High: 73 degrees and partly sunny. Very un July like weather!

Sorry for the EPIC LONG NON POSTING! Got sucked into the short attention span delights that are Facebook and Twitter.

Lots has happened since I last posted.

Passed the 77K word point on When the Lights Go Down, which is epic for me. Add on that I spent a good bit of the afternoon getting the outline written for the last chapters and I may actually have this bloody thing done before Dragon Con!!

Been thinking about whether I should be shopping the manuscript around down there or wait until I can get it through an editor’s hands first .Probably be prudent to  do the latter first.

Will be able to hang out with all my writerly friends there, both the published and the non-published. Either way it will be great company just to see all my friends who live hundreds of mile away.

In laws will be heading off to Ireland in a few weeks for my MIL’s participation in the 50th anniversary of the Rose of Tralee celebration. (She was the second Rose and the first international Rose. –She’s originally from County Kerry, but had moved to the US when she was 16. Its a huge honor for her. )

Will be spending the Fourth weekend doing a lot of around the house repairs, cleaning, and of course, banging out the actual wordcount based on the outline I just concocted. Felt a huge sense of relief when the ending finally clicked into place. It make sense, isn’t tacked on and nicely ties up the storyline. Of course some events in the final chapters will require a little massaging of what’ gone before– a few mentions of a newly inserted character, a reference drop here and there that will subtly make more sense in the end.

Now the more nerve wracking part.., I need to figure out what lyrics I want to use for the face page of the book and then…I have to ask the lads in 3DG if I can pilfer them. Kinda surreal to be approaching the guys who inspired this story. (So funny looking back that I thought it was just a short story that was distracting me from the REAL book. And here it is a full fledged damn novel!)

Missing Dad again as we approach his birthday tomorrow. Can’t believe it’s been 3 years already.

Really wish he could have been here to see me finish the book. Hell, he was the one who kept kicking me in the ass to FINISH something for all these years. I think between his motivation and my mum’s, the undying belief in my ability from my husband,  and the support of my writerly friends, I finally have the right amount of self-confidence to keep at this.I have at least 4 other manuscripts in various stages of progress just waiting for me once I get this one done.  I’ve suddenly gone from just saying I’m a writer to actually being one. Who’d have thunk it?

Anyway. Just wanted to get something posted as I’ve been horrifically deficient in posting here. And I had really not wanted to stop blogging. Will be back to daily posting come Monday.




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