We’re BACK!! And weeping because of it…

26 05 2009

Weather: High: 77 degrees and rainy. Blah!

I’m gonna go back and do a day by day write up of our Seattle Trip and backdate the posts. Just not having the time today what with work catch up and all.

Suffice it to say that I miss the mountains and clean air and blue water and polite people and hills and WHY WHY WHY did we have to come back?

Very excited because they just posted a short promo for The Vampire Diaries.
On the FLix: New “Vampire Diaries” promo is intense.
It looks like in spite of some questionable character changes, they did cast it well and kept the eeriness of the books. It’s by no means a Twilight ripoff (as the books were written over 15 years ago) and it fits the CW demographic because it is set in high school. But to be perfectly honest, they cast the brothers well. Ian Somerhalder as Damon especially looks good. Nice to see him play evil so deliciously. Paul Wesley has already played a Nephilim in Fallen so he has the otherworldly down. And I like what effects they’re using on the eyes. Not pretty and not the usual ice blue. More like black ink leaking into their eyes. Considering both actors have light colored eyes, it’s a neat effect. Okay, so now I’m officially a fan girl. Nice thing is, they’ll be pairing this show with Supernatural.

True Blood starts up again soon, as well. It’s good to be a Vampire Fan about now.

Will try and compile the trip write ups tonight and get them uploaded asap.

For now, here’s a link to the photos so far:

For now, it’s off to the train and then home. Much to do tonight.




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