TGIF…and my joints hate me. …

15 05 2009

weather: high: 70 degrees and SEVERE Storms. WOO!

Good lord and lady I feel like crap today. Woke up with a skull cracking headache and all my joints screaming at me. Have been lax on drinking the Joint Juice, but even so, I think it’s time to get back on the Glucosamine / Chondroitin/ MSM supplements. Stopped by Walgreen’s today and luckily they had a BOGO thing going on. (Considering this stuff usually runs $30 a bottle, and I got 2 for $23 total, I think I got a great deal. ) Hopefully my joints will stop hurting soon. It’s getting increasingly harder to walk without everything seizing up. And the 8 block hike to and from work is not exactly helping the situation.

Am flipping back and forth between the new VNV and the new Green Day album (which is FTW!!). Don’t agree with Rolling Stone, though. While 21st Century Breakdown is excellent, I’m hard pressed to say it’s better than American Idiot.

Irons in the fire:
Lots of projects still sitting on the burners!

Carrion Dreams A Trilogy
Book one: on hold until current PWP and Vamp story is done. Sitting @ 50k words so far.
Books Two & Three: In outline stage. Research needed.

Dark of the mirror
Requires some re-write and fleshing out of earlier scenes. Currently at 75K, but about a good 5-6K will get trimmed.

When the Lights go Down Currently at 60+K words.
Almost done. Have the ending sketched out and need to transcribe another 10K from my notebooks. Hopefully will be ready to submit to editor by end of summer.

Into the Stacks (Part of Librarian Erotica Anthology) Short Story. Pushing 20K.
Almost done. Am actually going to be working on a second story for this anthology as well.

Aisling Foundation Series
All Things Fanged and Furry (Vol 1) In rewrites.
All Demons Dread & Dire (Vol 2) In Rewrites
Volumes 3-5 in outline phase.

Untitled Sidhe/Nordic Myth story
Storyline sketched out. May be converted into a YA book. Still mulling this over. Research needed as well here.

So that’s what’s going on so far. 🙂

This weekend’s gonna be a mass cleaning fit (so as to sidestep the dirt criticisms of my MIL) and getting ready to go on our trip. Need to make up a list of must see places and figure whether we need the car to get there or not.

Way things are going, I think I’m slowly withdrawing from LJ and using WordPress & Dreamwidth more. LJ is just…not doing it for me anymore.  And I spend more time on Facebook anyways, at least as far as catching up wtih friends & family. I’m getting a little tired of having to check in 6 or 7 different places. Not enough time in the day.

So. Longish post today. Always makes me feel better. 🙂

See you on the flipside. Only two days of work before 5 day vacation. WOO!

Now playing: Green Day – Last of the American Girls
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