Thursday again? And last S.Finale for the week.

14 05 2009

Weather: High: 70 degrees and partly sunny. Tis Glorious outside.

So! Lost last night. WTF? JJ!!! Are you TRYING to kill us? 😦 Poor Juliette! Poor Sawyer!! AND WTF SAYID??? NOOOO! And then, the coup de grace, 2010 WTF?

And even though I honestly don’t follow American Idol…are you people insane? Sending DANNY home? IF the finale was going to even be a credible contest, it should have been between Danny and Adam Lambert. Sorry. I know you tweens think that Kris Allen is a cutey and is non-threatening in his Christian Youth outreach kinda way, but his voice was WEAK compared to Gokey’s. Bad Form American Idol fans. Sigh.

Supernatural Season Finale is tonight and it doesn’t bode well that we’ve seen shots of Sam with black demon eyes. Not good at all.

Gonna try and get some writing done tonight. Have finished chapter 5 and need to get it typed up. Chapter 6 is going slow, but I think I know where it needs to go.  Been also beta reading Heather’s story which is amazing as well. Anthology may be a go if I can get my story done and maybe finally get the second story done.

Gotta dash. Brian’s got Master Gardener class tonight.

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