Wet and Miserable Wednesday

13 05 2009

Weather: High: 70 degrees and RAINY. No really! IT’S REALLY REALLY RAINY.

Usually rainy days are not unwelcome. Today it’s just a mess. Of course, you mitigate the assholishness of pedestrians with the weather and you’re mood will sour rather quickly.

Neil Gaiman posted a fantastic blog about the fallacy of what authors and other artists owe fans. It’s a brilliant read. Summed up nicely in the first line of the meat of the blog “George RR Martin is not your Bitch”.

I will never understand fandom’s entitlement issues. “you owe us…” Get the feck over yourselves! Art doesn’t work on a timetable or punch clock.  Sorry to burst your little entitled bubble. And so what if you bought the first book of a trilogy? Here’s a little insight. The author doesn’t have the entire trilogy written and in a box. THey’re not waiting for the opportune time to release these held tomes. THEY PROBABLY HAVEN’T BEEN WRITTEN YET! So get over yourself.

Received my copy of VNV Nation’s Reformation 01 Boxset and am giddy as a schoolgirl. Unreleased tracks, remixes, live tracks and a live DVD!! I’m in EBM Hog Heaven!!!!

Three hour LOST event tonight so I’m gonna be glued to the couch for the evening.

Am almost finished with Chapters 5 & 6 of The Librarian PWP story, and soon will be heading back into the bloody debacle that is WTLGD.  (Or whatever it is called after the ZOMG THERE’S ALREADY A BOOK NAMED THIS disaster. )

Gotta dash

Now playing: Depeche Mode – In Your Room (Zephyr Mix)
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