Friday musings…

8 05 2009

Weather: High: 74 degrees and partly sunny w/ light showers.

No post yesterday because I was home and lame.

Rough day emotionally today.  It’s my parent’s anniversary.  They would have been married 44 years today. My dad’s passing gets more pointed every year. Especially now that I really wish I had him here to consult with on all the major changes going on in my life. I can still talk to him, but I wish I could get a hug and one of his patented dry witty comments.

Mother’s Day is this weekend so we’re off to have brunch with mom and my siblings & their sigs. Should be  a nice time, though I’m at a loss what to get mom for her day. Card and flowers are pretty much all we can afford. 😦

having a weird day overall. Can’t explain the brain haze.

Need to do some writing this weekend at some point. I have some major ideas bouncing around the cranium what need developing.

Tomorrow we will get some stuff for Mum’s day and hopefully go see Star Trek. DYING to see it!

So– Tonight will be the Dollhouse Season Finale, Some Pizza with the husband and maybe a re-showing of Shoot EM Up because I truly believe Brian needs to see this ridiculous movie and I need to see it cause it’s CLIVE.

Red Band Trailer for Shoot em Up! (R-Rated trailer)

Off to the train.




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