Wednesday with added chaos!

6 05 2009

Weather: High: 74 degrees with Thunderstorms later.

Well the day is off to a rip roaring start. Car started acting up right after Brian dropped me off at the train and now it’s in the shop and we’re probably not getting it back until tomorrow.  The two people in the office I could usually count on for a lift home are not available today. So I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna get home from the train station tonight. It’s a bit far to hike, and even if I wanted to attempt it, it’s supposed to be thunder storming at that time, so a walk is not happening.

I may have to call a cab. We’ll see what happens.

ETA: My friend Lisa is giving me a lift home. ::is relieved::

Busy as hell today. Falling behind on work. Health is taking a bit of a downward spiral.

Short post. Damn this is turning into a bad trend.

Heading out into the crummy weather to go home.



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