Monday again…but the path has changed.

4 05 2009

Weather: High: 70 degrees and partly sunny.

Bri and I have our travel plans made, FINALLY!

Seattle: May 20-24th. (Wed-Sun). Would have liked to gone a full week, but finances were limiting us. Still, we got a good package that included flight, hotel & car for under $1500 total. Good deal!

Atlanta: (Dragon*Con) September 3-7 (Thurs- Mon). This is just for the hotel. We are holding off on the flight till we’re certain where we’ll be in September. More than likely we’ll be here, but there’s a smidgen of a chance we might be in Seattle.

Bri has applied for a job at Eddie Bauer in their design department (as in working on their catalogs and webspace.) If he gets the job, it’ll change our timeline somewhat but I’m actually crossing digits right now that he gets it. It would take one big boulder off our shoulders, for definite. I need to get on the job hunt horse myself. Need to get some leads. Would be lovely if either of us could land an interview while we’re out there.

Am very annoyed! Turns out another author (Who’s first name is Heidi also, coincidentally)  has already published a book under the title “When the Lights Go Down”.”  FRAK FRAK FRAK!!  I really liked that title too! ARGH!! MUST FIND NEW TITLE!!My friend Kara said we should mock up our book covers. I need to do some mass photoshopping and SOON.

Off to the train. Eventful evening ahead that includes Castle for reals! ::PLEASE LET IT BE RENEWED!!::




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