BELTANE!! Merry May Day!

1 05 2009

Weather: High: 58 and cloudy & overcast.

Sigh. Love this weather, but getting tired of the accompanying smells from the mills and industry nearby. The damp air just clings to those smells and it’s just heinous.

So yeah. Beltane today! and on a Friday. I think there may be some shenanigans tonight with the hubby. 🙂

May be adding another blog –I know, I hear you going WTF? DO YOU NOT HAVE ENOUGH YET??? — but it’s a blogging community for creative types.
I’ve asked a friend for an invite code, but I’m still looking it over.

Listening to the new Decemberists album and it’s BRILL!

Much on deck for the weekend. Hair will get trimmed and dyed again. (Welcome back my lovely sable color! Begone wit ye, silver strands!). My mum’s coming over for a visit and Saturday is shaping up as writing marathon day.  Much to do!

Wrapping up here because I have a few work things to do before I leave.




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