Friday finally…

29 05 2009

Weather: High: 72 Degrees & PM Showers. THE FLAMING BALL OF EVIL IS BACK!

Listening to a lot of Green Day today. Might explain the mega huge chip on my shoulder. Oddly enough, I heard “Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold this morning on my walk to the office. Brought a bit of tears to my eyes. Mostly because the chorus is “I don’t belong here, I gotta move on dear” . Pretty damn apropos.

Was still giddy last night that I was able to recover that manuscript. Especially when I discovered there were entire scenes I had added in direct download from the cranium. This meant there was no back up on paper anywhere and I’d have to recreate it. Sucks when it happens, because invariably, you can’t reconstruct the original phrasing when you do. And also, invariably, the original scene was one that was really really good. Sigh. Well at least I don’t have to worry about it now. (And yes, I backed it up to HD, Flash Drive and burned the sucker to a disk, just to make sure I didn’t fark it up again. )

So distracted today. Not good. Trying so hard to get work done, but all my brain can do is push me “Why aren’t you writing?” Got Dev and the Librarian both whispering in my ears, describing scenes of a dark and decadent nature…so distracting. Especially with THOSE voices.

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Thursday and Ennui has me in it’s taloned grip.

28 05 2009

Weather: High 65 degrees and cloudy. Ahhhh. Heidi Likes.

Still under post vaca malaise. Will be doing some writing tonight. Maybe watch my Neil Gaiman movie.

Remember this debacle?

Well, had a nice reprieve today. I managed to retrieve the manuscript from the corrupted tmp file that I’d smartly retained on my flsh drive. ::IS RELIEVED:: There were a ton of edits that I would have had to recreate, most from memory because they weren’t in the notebooks. Now I don’t have to do that. WHEW!

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We’re BACK!! And weeping because of it…

26 05 2009

Weather: High: 77 degrees and rainy. Blah!

I’m gonna go back and do a day by day write up of our Seattle Trip and backdate the posts. Just not having the time today what with work catch up and all.

Suffice it to say that I miss the mountains and clean air and blue water and polite people and hills and WHY WHY WHY did we have to come back?

Very excited because they just posted a short promo for The Vampire Diaries.
On the FLix: New “Vampire Diaries” promo is intense.
It looks like in spite of some questionable character changes, they did cast it well and kept the eeriness of the books. It’s by no means a Twilight ripoff (as the books were written over 15 years ago) and it fits the CW demographic because it is set in high school. But to be perfectly honest, they cast the brothers well. Ian Somerhalder as Damon especially looks good. Nice to see him play evil so deliciously. Paul Wesley has already played a Nephilim in Fallen so he has the otherworldly down. And I like what effects they’re using on the eyes. Not pretty and not the usual ice blue. More like black ink leaking into their eyes. Considering both actors have light colored eyes, it’s a neat effect. Okay, so now I’m officially a fan girl. Nice thing is, they’ll be pairing this show with Supernatural.

True Blood starts up again soon, as well. It’s good to be a Vampire Fan about now.

Will try and compile the trip write ups tonight and get them uploaded asap.

For now, here’s a link to the photos so far:

For now, it’s off to the train and then home. Much to do tonight.

Day Before Trip. GEEBLES.

19 05 2009

Weather: High: 75 degrees and Sunny. Getting uncomfortably close to summer temps. Meh.

So…didn’t get much more than random flailing done last night. We got the suitcase out of the attic and made a few decisions on what we were gonna take with us and what we weren’t. House cleaned a little. Had a little dinner, had a little anxiety. Always good in combo. I’m also under teh impression that I had nightmares later because I woke up at 3:30 am to give Snoots his mid night boot + Snack and the t-shirt I was sleeping in was saturated, even though it was FREEZING in the room. Weird.

Just printed out the boarding passes….and immediately went into an anxiety attack. WTF?

Had some lunch. Feel better. Still a little nervous.

Allright. Not having anything pertinent to say, I’m wrapping this up. Next post from Seattle!

Two Days till SEATTLE!!

18 05 2009

Weather: High: 68 Degrees and SUNNY.

YAY! The amxiety is finally starting to diminish and being replaced with good old fashioned excitement.

Got a lot of organizing and packing to do. You know me, No trip without a game plan, lists and stuff done in advance. Lest I lose my s*it and cause those around me to deal with my neurotic breakdown. (I see Brian nodding in the background)

Am spending WAY too much time coming up with possible things to visit. I think some non-negotiable sites are: Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, the Glass Museum in Tacoma, and the Space Needle/Sci Fi Museum. At least they’re non-negotiable for me. I’d also love to make a hike up Queen Anne Hill and get some shots from Kerry Park.

Ah well…day got away from me. Home to clean house, do laundry and PACK.


TGIF…and my joints hate me. …

15 05 2009

weather: high: 70 degrees and SEVERE Storms. WOO!

Good lord and lady I feel like crap today. Woke up with a skull cracking headache and all my joints screaming at me. Have been lax on drinking the Joint Juice, but even so, I think it’s time to get back on the Glucosamine / Chondroitin/ MSM supplements. Stopped by Walgreen’s today and luckily they had a BOGO thing going on. (Considering this stuff usually runs $30 a bottle, and I got 2 for $23 total, I think I got a great deal. ) Hopefully my joints will stop hurting soon. It’s getting increasingly harder to walk without everything seizing up. And the 8 block hike to and from work is not exactly helping the situation.

Am flipping back and forth between the new VNV and the new Green Day album (which is FTW!!). Don’t agree with Rolling Stone, though. While 21st Century Breakdown is excellent, I’m hard pressed to say it’s better than American Idiot.

Irons in the fire:
Lots of projects still sitting on the burners!

Carrion Dreams A Trilogy
Book one: on hold until current PWP and Vamp story is done. Sitting @ 50k words so far.
Books Two & Three: In outline stage. Research needed.

Dark of the mirror
Requires some re-write and fleshing out of earlier scenes. Currently at 75K, but about a good 5-6K will get trimmed.

When the Lights go Down Currently at 60+K words.
Almost done. Have the ending sketched out and need to transcribe another 10K from my notebooks. Hopefully will be ready to submit to editor by end of summer.

Into the Stacks (Part of Librarian Erotica Anthology) Short Story. Pushing 20K.
Almost done. Am actually going to be working on a second story for this anthology as well.

Aisling Foundation Series
All Things Fanged and Furry (Vol 1) In rewrites.
All Demons Dread & Dire (Vol 2) In Rewrites
Volumes 3-5 in outline phase.

Untitled Sidhe/Nordic Myth story
Storyline sketched out. May be converted into a YA book. Still mulling this over. Research needed as well here.

So that’s what’s going on so far. 🙂

This weekend’s gonna be a mass cleaning fit (so as to sidestep the dirt criticisms of my MIL) and getting ready to go on our trip. Need to make up a list of must see places and figure whether we need the car to get there or not.

Way things are going, I think I’m slowly withdrawing from LJ and using WordPress & Dreamwidth more. LJ is just…not doing it for me anymore.  And I spend more time on Facebook anyways, at least as far as catching up wtih friends & family. I’m getting a little tired of having to check in 6 or 7 different places. Not enough time in the day.

So. Longish post today. Always makes me feel better. 🙂

See you on the flipside. Only two days of work before 5 day vacation. WOO!

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Thursday again? And last S.Finale for the week.

14 05 2009

Weather: High: 70 degrees and partly sunny. Tis Glorious outside.

So! Lost last night. WTF? JJ!!! Are you TRYING to kill us? 😦 Poor Juliette! Poor Sawyer!! AND WTF SAYID??? NOOOO! And then, the coup de grace, 2010 WTF?

And even though I honestly don’t follow American Idol…are you people insane? Sending DANNY home? IF the finale was going to even be a credible contest, it should have been between Danny and Adam Lambert. Sorry. I know you tweens think that Kris Allen is a cutey and is non-threatening in his Christian Youth outreach kinda way, but his voice was WEAK compared to Gokey’s. Bad Form American Idol fans. Sigh.

Supernatural Season Finale is tonight and it doesn’t bode well that we’ve seen shots of Sam with black demon eyes. Not good at all.

Gonna try and get some writing done tonight. Have finished chapter 5 and need to get it typed up. Chapter 6 is going slow, but I think I know where it needs to go.  Been also beta reading Heather’s story which is amazing as well. Anthology may be a go if I can get my story done and maybe finally get the second story done.

Gotta dash. Brian’s got Master Gardener class tonight.

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Wet and Miserable Wednesday

13 05 2009

Weather: High: 70 degrees and RAINY. No really! IT’S REALLY REALLY RAINY.

Usually rainy days are not unwelcome. Today it’s just a mess. Of course, you mitigate the assholishness of pedestrians with the weather and you’re mood will sour rather quickly.

Neil Gaiman posted a fantastic blog about the fallacy of what authors and other artists owe fans. It’s a brilliant read. Summed up nicely in the first line of the meat of the blog “George RR Martin is not your Bitch”.

I will never understand fandom’s entitlement issues. “you owe us…” Get the feck over yourselves! Art doesn’t work on a timetable or punch clock.  Sorry to burst your little entitled bubble. And so what if you bought the first book of a trilogy? Here’s a little insight. The author doesn’t have the entire trilogy written and in a box. THey’re not waiting for the opportune time to release these held tomes. THEY PROBABLY HAVEN’T BEEN WRITTEN YET! So get over yourself.

Received my copy of VNV Nation’s Reformation 01 Boxset and am giddy as a schoolgirl. Unreleased tracks, remixes, live tracks and a live DVD!! I’m in EBM Hog Heaven!!!!

Three hour LOST event tonight so I’m gonna be glued to the couch for the evening.

Am almost finished with Chapters 5 & 6 of The Librarian PWP story, and soon will be heading back into the bloody debacle that is WTLGD.  (Or whatever it is called after the ZOMG THERE’S ALREADY A BOOK NAMED THIS disaster. )

Gotta dash

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Tuesday musings…

12 05 2009

weather: high: 68 degrees and sunny.

Today is turning into a repeat of yesterday, with lots of running around and not much peace of mind.

Getting geared up for our Seattle trip, but nervous at the same time!

Short short post today. Work  VERY busy.

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Friday musings…

8 05 2009

Weather: High: 74 degrees and partly sunny w/ light showers.

No post yesterday because I was home and lame.

Rough day emotionally today.  It’s my parent’s anniversary.  They would have been married 44 years today. My dad’s passing gets more pointed every year. Especially now that I really wish I had him here to consult with on all the major changes going on in my life. I can still talk to him, but I wish I could get a hug and one of his patented dry witty comments.

Mother’s Day is this weekend so we’re off to have brunch with mom and my siblings & their sigs. Should be  a nice time, though I’m at a loss what to get mom for her day. Card and flowers are pretty much all we can afford. 😦

having a weird day overall. Can’t explain the brain haze.

Need to do some writing this weekend at some point. I have some major ideas bouncing around the cranium what need developing.

Tomorrow we will get some stuff for Mum’s day and hopefully go see Star Trek. DYING to see it!

So– Tonight will be the Dollhouse Season Finale, Some Pizza with the husband and maybe a re-showing of Shoot EM Up because I truly believe Brian needs to see this ridiculous movie and I need to see it cause it’s CLIVE.

Red Band Trailer for Shoot em Up! (R-Rated trailer)

Off to the train.