Lostnesday. And I seem to have a chip on my shoulder.

29 04 2009

Weather: High: 62 degrees and overcast. Kinda like my mood.

Wow did I wake up in a pissy mood this morning. Well, let me adjust that to read, woke up from my nap on the train with a major chip on my shoulder.  Listened to abrasive music on the i-pod shuffle as I walked to the office. Didn’t really do much to improve my mood.

I think the problem is stemming from what I said yesterday. I’m beginning to resent a lot of people’s demands on my time. It’s nothing more than flat out exhaustion and depression talking. Only problem is lately when these two crop up, I don’t get down, I get PISSED.  Not a good headspace for work, that’s for damn sure.

Work is just making me feel more and more like walking out. GOt too much on the plate again. And all I want to do is get moved and throw myself fully into my writing.

Heather just launched a plot bunny at me unintentionally (Or maybe intentionally, come to think about it! LOL!) and I have something that needs working into the next chapter of the Librarian PWP. I swear this novella is gonna be the death of me. Or at least my hormones. GAH!

Had fast food for lunch. Body hates me now. May not be on speaking terms for the rest of the day.

Heading home. Lost tonight and some possible writing.




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