Tuesday. Raining Again. Cold Returns.

28 04 2009

Weather: High: 52 degrees and Partly sunny. Eventually.

Have come to the conclusion that I am definitely an anti-social person. Not for any other reason that I just don’t want to hang out with a lot of people any more. Noone specific, in all seriousness. I don’t mind online activity, and e-mail. And this is going to sound like the height of arrogance and selfishness, but honestly, anything that takes away from my writing and planning for the future right now feels like a waste of my time. It makes me angry and resentful.

Maybe writing is a kind of addiction. I know I get jittery and moody when I’m not able to do it. Brian will go so far to say I get downright ornery. I think what’s happened is that there is so much stress crap in my life right now that escaping into my created worlds has become my therapy. My husband and my writing, the only two things I really give a rats ass about right now. Seriously. I can’t muster the energy to give a crap about anything else. Does this make me a bad daughter, bad sister, bad friend? Probably. But I’m kinda lacking the “I give a crap” trigger on that.

Excited about getting VNV Nation tix today! July 10th (A FRIDAY for once!) at the House of Blues!!! (Easy to get to and if Bri and I get there with enough time we can get a bar seat! (Yes, we’re lame like that. We’ll sit back behind the bar at the tables rather than get buffeted around in the crowd. I’ve already put my time in the pits. Not so much fun when you’re over 40. 🙂 )

Gonna watch an episode of Castle over lunch. Because I’m just that big of a fangirl. Damn I wish I could write dialogue as good as it is on this show. REALLY good old school banter, a la Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant in His Girl Friday! Or Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story! SERIOUSLY.

Lunch was a sandwich and soup, comfort food for a dreary day. Minimal sun to be seen, not that I’m a fan in any context. But it’s cold and gloomy. Makes for a better day of staying under the covers and snogging or cuddling. Sigh.

CANNOT WAIT! Now, just waiting patiently for the box set and for the new album. ::chews nails to nothing::




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