Monday. Warm. Post-Heart Attack (not real)

27 04 2009

Weather: High: 75 degrees (ZOMG!) and Thunderstorms. NOT READY FOR THIS!!

Near had a coronary last night. Was finishing up some edits on the manuscript for When the Lights Go Out, and  had just clicked the save icon when Word seized and started throwing up errors and recovery notices. I immediately panicked and tried to figure out how to retrieve my manuscript but it was a no go. The recovery text doc was 170 pages of QUESTION MARKS! Now,this normally would have been a reason to commit hari-kiri. But uckily for me, I a a huge believer that paranoia can save your cookies sometimes.

Needless to say, I had the entire thing backed up on Y-Writer and had the breakout beta versions I sent out to the girls for reading. Now, I did lose all the edits I did last night, which is vexing, and will have to recreate some of the more recent edits again. Sigh. Lots of tedious retread work.  But I won’t bitch. Because the alternative would have been losing the whole damn story and then we’re talking tryiong to recreate a year and 170 pages worth of writing. I would have been relegated back to transcribing from my moleskines and attempting to recreate all the additional dialogue and scenarios. And that would have been a NIGHTMARE!

So lots of editing ahead of me tonight. Along with Heroes season finale and a new Castle to squee about.

Not feeling particularly social of late. Mostly because of the amount of writing that needs to be done.




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3 07 2009

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