Friday again. Migraine addled and soulsick.

24 04 2009

Weather: high: 83 degrees (WTF!?) and Windy. Early blast of summer….Gah!

Not too happy at the mo. Migraine Fairy has come back to poke at me, the bitch.

Also,  am fairly annoyed at myself for not switching off the telly last night and getting the damn writing done. FALE, Heidi. EPIC FALE.

Had to run and get some food as the migraine meds were screwing up my stomach. Salad +sushi & I’m good. Also–Iced Green Tea is my new crack.

Great. Just frakking great. The south shore is down for the count because some ASSHOLE ran his pickup truck into the electric poles that support the power lines for the trains. INTENTIONALLY. Little fucker fled on foot from the cops. And he managed to do such a bang up job that the South Shore is SUSPENDED now. Gonna carpool & train it home with my Indiana co-workers via Metra. Hope they honor my SS Ticket. FRAK!!

UPDATE on Train Fuckwittery. My co-worker is gonna give us a lift to Indiana from Thornton, and my other co-worker will take me from there to Home. Done and Sorted.

Tonight there will be BLOOD PIZZA and movies and Dollhouse and possibly, if I’m very lucky, some naughty acrobatics to take my mind off this week and the resulting migraines.



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