Epic Fail Whale Thursday!

23 04 2009

Weather: High: 69 degrees (!!!) and sunny. Looks like We’re getting our Spring on with a vengeance!

So not mentally in the right space for work. Seriously.

Need to get a lot of writing done tonight. So no lollygagging. Will wathc Supernatural and try and turn the telly off after that. Want to get Chapter 4 of the Librarian story done. Have notes from my friends who are in both the Library world and have participated in D/s relationships, so I can get some of the realism put through this.

By the way, for those not in the Writing Cabal — THis is the Librarian. OR at least the visual I’m working off of. …

Clive Owen as the Librarian

Clive Owen as the Librarian

Yes. Very Very Hot. And zomg…the movie I have running in my head as I write this story? Makes the “Masque” scene in “Eyes Wide Shut” look like a Disney film.

Have a nice project ahead of me this weekend. Gonna make some writer’s cabal shirts designs and get them uploaded to CafePress. WOOT!




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