Depeche Mode TUESDAY!

21 04 2009

Weather: High: 43 degrees (!!!) and rainy with poss. Snowy Mix. WTF?MOTHERNATURE!!!

Depeche Mode’s ” Sounds of the Universe” is released today and I’m sitting here basking in the darkly visceral sounds. The album is amazing. Right now I think my favorite song is “corrupt”, which seems appropriate.  😉

Boss is teaching class this morning and handed me the assignment of contacting IBM about an error message on one of our big multi-array blade servers. So there went my morning. Spent the bulk on the phone with IBM and running back and forth between my desk and the server room.  Then the migraine fairy paid a visit and so now I’m sitting here clutching my head and waiting for the meds to take effect while cursing the noise and light and any petty request that comes near my desk.  Yeah. I’m Mary Fucking Sunshine today.

Having some food seems to help calm the skull drilling demon.  Today’s banquet of delight includes a salad, some corn, potatoes and a bottle of green tea. NOM.

Gonna get a little more writing done today while on lunch. Concocted a rather interesting scene while on the train home last night.  Involving collars and spreaders and floggers, oh my.  ::dirty::

Brian burned me copies of the Boxer Rebellion albums  and a new Sigur Ros album, so I’m literally SWIMMING in gorgeous new music today. About the only thing that is salvaging my mood.

Well, writing was made of fale because I was busy burning CDs, mocking up stationary for a broker and generally laying waste to my office in response to all the fluorescent lights here.

Off to catch my train and listen to the new DM album. Bliss!

New Fringe tonight and I’m looking very much forward to it.



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