With a Rainy Monday, Feeling inside…

20 04 2009

Weather: High: 52 degrees and RAIN. Lots of RAIN.

Weekend was schizophrenic– Saturday was sunny & in the 70s, Sunday was raining and in the low 50s.

Got an amazing amount of writing done this weekend. 7000+  words, mostly on the dirty dirty Librarian story. Tells you where my mind was.

Work is already getting on my last nerve today. WTF? PEople! Call the HOTLINE not my DIRECT LINE! GAH!

Spent the bulk of the morning with something irritating my eye. Turned out to be a damn hunk of cat hair. Sigh.

One of my friends has us concerned. He’s been depressed lately and now seems to have deleted all his blogs and social networking sites.  To say I’m worried would be vastly understating the situation.

Brian just called to let me know my shipment from Holy Clothing just arrived. WOOT! NEW CLOTHES!

Weather is just not helping my mental malaise right now. We’re supposed to have snow tomorrow. SNOW!!! ::shakes fist at sky::

Brian’s gotten me hooked on another band. The Boxer Rebellion. They sound like this:

Their music is all over the place. I kinda described them previously as taking Radiohead, Travis and Kasabian and putting them in a blender. And they’re not hard on the eyes either. YAY for new music. 🙂 Another band I’m looking into is Friendly Fires. and they sound like THIS:

Anyway. Time to wrap up and go hom. Castle to watch, PWP to work on, and brain to quiet.




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