It’s Friday right?? SERIOUSLY??

17 04 2009

Weather: High: 70 degrees FTW!!! And sunny. And I’m stuck in the office! WAH!

This week has been a bit of a tough slog.

Will be definitely getting some writing done this weekend as it looks to be a rainy set of days. Always get a lot done when the weather cooperates!

Spending my lunch hour getting typing done on the infamous Librarian story. Promised Heather I’d get her an early rough draft of the first section, as she’s needing some inspiration for her own PWP.  LOL!

After I get things sorted on the writing front this weekend, I’m gonna start posting weekly stats on all the stories as I’m getting through them. This will put added pressure on me so I can show some advancement each week.

Gonna be finalizing our Seattle plans over the weekend. And hopefully finding someplace to rest our weary heads at Dragon*Con where we won’t have to make a horrific drive into Atlanta every day.

The girl bits are trying to make me miserable today. TMI, I know.

Time to bail. See you all after the weekend. Hopefully with some updates stats on the writing scene.




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