LOSTnesday…with an outlook of fish slapping.

15 04 2009

Weather: High: 54 degrees and partly cloudy.

My brain feels partly cloudy as well.

Busy day at the office today. Big scanning project has been backlogged because the scanner has been kiboshed in a big way. Phone’s been ringing off the hook with the usual litany of inane questions. Add in some good old fashioned PMS and a building migraine and yes, Virginia, Heidi is a giant crabass today.

It’s tax day but that’s a moot point since we already have our refund and have paid our State tax bill. Sigh. Someday it would be nice not to have to set the refund aside for bills or necessities.

Still biting my nails bloody over getting a hotel room for DragonCon. We’ll just have to punt at this point. We may need to rent a car to get us to the con and back.

Got sidetracked scanning. three hours later and my eyes are bloodshot and my mood in the toilet. WOO!

Heading home.




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