Post Easter Weekend hangover…

13 04 2009

weather: Weekend was sunny, but cool–40s to 50s.
Today: High: 41 and rainy. Seems apropos.

Realized this morning that extra days off screw up my internal clock and calendar way too much.

Didn’t get any writing done this long weekend, mostly due to extended brain haze. Just couldn’t get my brain to function past the cleaning/cooking mode.

Ate way too many carbs and fats and yummy treats. Body is in revolt today. Not to say that it’s revolting, though I have been feeling the negative self-image raising its troll-like head again. Sigh. Need to keep up with the walking and working out. Starting to make small bits of headway and would hate to erase what little good has been done.

Poor hubster was down for the count with allergies this weekend. Felt bad leaving him at home while I went to the family free for all that constitutes most holiday get togethers these days. Mind you, I’m not saying their not fun, just the food is awesome and company is fantastic, but when the politics starts up…well, it gets a little shouty down family way.

Watched Extreme Home Makeover last night.  I consider it my weekly “people aren’t all bad” reminder show. Unfortunately last night was a two hour delve into the all the bad memories of my dad’s illness and subsequent death. And the epilogue on the episode was a gut punch. Had a good two box of Kleenex cry after that.

On the OMG SQUEE! front.  Abney Park was heavily featured in G4’s new Underground show on Steampunk. Some enterprising person edited out the rest of the show and here you have the best and shiniest bits about my lovely Airship Pirates.

Work is just starting to increase the burnout in my head. Can’t focus or accomplish much without effort. It’s not the work or even that I’m not trying. It’s just become nuts lately what with our department being scaled back to me and the VP. And we’re both kinda stretched incredibly thin.

Gotta dash. Hopefully going for a walk tonight and watching Heroes & Castle. Both will probably put me in a better mood.



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